Tyga Eyes February Release for ‘Careless World’


Tyga’s album has been officially delayed from its January 30 release date. The Young Money rapper has announced a potential new date and revealed the star-studded lineup.

During a Ustream session, Tyga updated his fans on the pushback of Careless World: Rise of the Last King. “I’m excited to drop this album that I was supposed to drop like three months ago,” he said. “I just want ya’ll to know that it’s not my fault because it’s just a bunch of bullshit that you gotta deal with when you’re putting out an album.”

He is now looking toward a February release date. “It’s kind of frustrating ’cause I’ve been working on this album for a minute and the album’s been done for like a month, and I just want to put the shit out. So hopefully we put it out, most likely February 7.”

While the single “Rack City” is doing well on the charts, don’t expect more of the same on the album. “It’s a little something different than ‘Rack City’ and stuff like that. It’s timeless music and ya’ll really gon’ love it.”

A pre-order link is expected to go live this week with the tracklisting, which has been whittled down to 18 songs including collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Drake (“Still Got It”), Lil Wayne (“Faded”) a “banger” with Chris Brown, Big Sean, J. Cole, a “classic” with Nas, Wale, Robin Thicke, and some surprises.

UPDATE: Universal Republic has set a February 21 release date for Careless World: Rise of the Last King, Rap-Up.com can confirm.

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  1. KMart

    im surprised about robin thicke tho #RackCity #StarTrack #HBF :P


  2. andy

    glad nicki will still be on the album


  3. Neon

    February 7 is far too soon. He hasn’t even confirmed his tracklist.


  4. thelonelyboner//tumblr

    damn, he need all them guest collabs?


    Treyy Reply:


    honestly, yea he does. I’d much rather Tyga/Nicki or Tyga/J. Cole over just Tyga. But seems like damn near every song is a colllabo. At least they’re dope collabos!


    Jaymalls Reply:

    @thelonelyboner//tumblr, Lol Tyga taking the DJ Khaled route with all the features… What happen to real artist, who don’t need features on 95% of their albums???

    Shout out Adele and The Throne!!!


  5. Bee_26

    Tyga needs to have several seats. He been getting played this long by them YMCMB niggas this long he might as well continue. I like Tyga but they keep putting him on the back burner and I’m not even excited for him or the album anymore.


    chuks Reply:

    @Bee_26, I agree with that



    smh…too many collabs and Baby prolly gon push it back again…he’s cute but not a bit interesting….


  7. RDK

    keep doing you tyga.


  8. KingdomOfMace

    Welp. He Only Gets About One Week Worth Of Being #1 On Billboard. IF That Even Happens.


  9. Tyga Addresses Careless World Delay, Pushing For February Release | BlogsToDieFor

    [...] ru [...]

  10. chris

    whatever,who cares


  11. Kayla

    I need this album to come out soon! Its been too long. So excited to know that Chris is on the album! They always make great music together.


  12. wonderLand19

    I hope this album is good because Tyga is very talented and seems to be mad humble too.
    YMCMB are quite a weak label. they need to sort themselves together.


  13. Jerry

    is this a collabo album?


  14. Zack

    so excited for this!


  15. Dave

    I’ve been a tyga fan since he came out but all this pushing back of this album is getting to be a little much i just want to hear some new tyga shit and I kinda wish there wasn’t as many collabos so that people could actually hear how hard tyga spits by himself


  16. DrakeTakeCare

    yesss t-rawww!!!! and he got my man BIG seandon on the album…also mr.cole and nicki dayumN!


  17. canibe



  18. youMADstayMAD

    to be honest, they should’ve let him release his album back when he was going to do it because now he is releasing it in February, the same time as Nicki and i feel like Nicki is about to run all over his album! i’m YMCMB till the Death of me but they’re doing Tyga wrong! this album should’ve been out.


  19. nicegirl

    This album has had far too many pushbacks. There better not be another one.


  20. credits

    There is a reason why albums are pushed back, If they put the album out, it would have already tanked.


  21. Brittany

    michaelim gonna hurt u if u postpone this damned album one more time!lol c u soon =)
    *Tygaress <3


  22. realrap

    Tyga and nas should be classic


  23. Yung Hero

    Careless World Is On The Way !


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