Ne-Yo Visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ [Video]

Ne-Yo or Jimmy Kimmel

Ne-Yo put on his acting cap and took a seat on the couch on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The star of Red Tails recalled geeking out while working with Star Wars director George Lucas, growing up in Las Vegas (“Nine times out of 10 I was that thing that stayed in Vegas”), and his role as a fighter pilot in the movie based on the Tuskegee Airmen.

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  1. :o

    Love him


  2. Ello



  3. lovely

    i LOVE Ne-Yo he’s the best im goin to see Red Tails not jus because he’s in it im goin to see it because of history value… my black history


  4. nicegirl

    Sounds like a good film.


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