Diggy Simmons Announces Album Title

Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons is ready to fulfill his expectations. After teasing fans, the son of rap royalty Rev Run has revealed the title of his debut album.

Unexpected Arrival will touch down this spring via Atlantic Records. The 16-year-old hip-hop phenom had been hinting at the title with the initials U.A. The project has spawned the singles “Copy, Paste” and “Do It Like You” featuring Jeremih.

“It has a lot of shock value to it and it’s definitely just a great project,” Diggy told Rap-Up TV of Unexpected Arrival, which will feature some surprise guests. “Sonically it’s just something that you can listen to from top to bottom. Each song is different, but they all just feel great.”

To promote the release, he will launch his six-date “Life of the Jetsetter” tour, kicking off February 6 in Atlanta.

Diggy Tweet

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  1. Yeah



    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @Yeah, brah album goin triple wood lol


  2. Chelsea

    SO proud, SOSOSO excited. #JetsettersUp.


  3. Ahahahahaha

    Bew bew yo sexy ass bettah have a concert in louisiana or me and yu gonna have to talk about this :) lol

    Teamminaj& and beautiful jetsetter


  4. nadia

    aww im so excited..and proud of diggy :)


  5. Miny

    Proud to be a jetsetter !! love you diggy


  6. Drake&CiaraFan

    His singles didnt even make it to top twenty on R&B, watch the album flop. I cant stand him, because he’s only where he is because of his family, taking the contract from someone who actually has talent.


    K-Mac Reply:

    @Drake&CiaraFan, You are so ignorant. It is not hes fault if hes family is rich and who are you to say that he doesn’t have any talent. HAVE YOU EVEN LISTENED TO HIS MIXTAPES? I think NOT. So don’t you never judge a book buy it’s cover.


  7. #TweetsAndVidz :: DIGGY SIMMONS ANNOUNCES ALBUM TITLE [Video] | TopicPls

    [...] via @Rap-Up [...]

  8. nicegirl

    He’s so cute, but his singles aren’t doing too well on radio, so this album may not do to well.


  9. bluie day Iveyz

    Good luck on his album


  10. Fan Of A Fan

    tbh i wasnt listening i was too busy staring at his face lol

    but that a pretty good album name


  11. GiftedSince92


    You sound bitter. This kid is doing his thing and so what if he came from a family that has talent. (his father) I’m not a fan of his but his music is dope and he’s not trying to put on the hardcore gangsta wannabe rapper talking about how mant girls, money, weed, and all that crap.


  12. Krimmmy

    H8erz yhu cn kiss ma ass….digggy is d sexiest thang on planet earth….looooorvvvv yhur mewzic buh loorrvvv yhu mre


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