New Music: B.o.B – ‘Rack City (Freestyle)’


B.o.B reps for Decatur on his freestyle over Tyga’s “Rack City” beat. “Life like a movie, wasted like Gucci/ Ain’t on that white girl, but she give me that Suzy,” raps Bobby Ray. In the accompanying video, he blows some kush, swims with women, and travels the world.

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  1. kiwi

    *Blank Stare*


  2. dodo

    flop. now I see how bruno mars surpassed this dude. C’mon bob. give up.


  3. QueenBeeFanatic

    Love it. Everyone’s version is better than Tyga’s….


    MrUnhateable Reply:

    @QueenBeeFanatic, you think so? Tyga’s the only one being played on radio and he the only one making money off it. It must be hot if u got all these rappers remixing


  4. ed

    dope. haters.


  5. flexin

    tyga sucks


  6. Tago



  7. nicegirl

    Real bad. I don’t even like Tyga’s version.


  8. Fan Of A Fan

    i like both versions.


  9. RihannaCB

    Its okay, it starts off slow, when he started with the white gurl things it became better…but then it ended -_-


  10. chris

    this guy sold out a long time ago when he decided to go f mainstream


  11. Say Word?

    I love BOB, but does every single rapper in the world has to smoke weed?


  12. jordan

    true that but he still is a good rapper for exzample WE STILL IN THIS B..TCH


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