Ashanti Performs ‘The Woman You Love’ Live in Atlanta [Video]


Ashanti was back on the scene. In addition to visiting several Atlanta radio stations on Friday, the R&B singer graced the stage at Tom Joyner’s “Sky Show” to celebrate the release of George Lucas’ film Red Tails. In addition to her classics, she performed her new Busta Rhymes-assisted single “The Woman You Love” live for the first time.

“I have a new record out right now. It’s called ‘The Woman You Love,’” Ashanti told the crowd, which included T.I. and Tiny. “And I know we’ve all been in a situation where we just tryna do everything, tryna be the perfect person—whether you’re a male or female—you just want that person to love you.”

Watch the fan-filmed footage below.

[Thanks, Angie]

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  1. Will

    Sounds Amazing !!! Looking Amazing…


    RomanReloaded2012 Reply:

    @Will, Child please, this is a mess, these old hoes need to sit down, 2012 is Nicki’s year once again!


    Anthony Reply:

    @RomanReloaded2012, you guys make Nicki seem sooo bad by your hating. You guys hate everyone but Nicki and its really pathetic


    mr. Bluie daye Reply:

    @RomanReloaded2012, o Wow sthfu


    CITY Reply:



    @beyonceland Reply:

    @Will, Good Job! I’m happy for her. She deserves to be a star. This is by Beyonce #1 fan. So i would tell you if i didn’t like it. She is flawless. I she lost 10 pounds she would look like a model


  2. Malcolm

    This is awesome…chills>>>>


  3. shay

    The Woman You Love!

    Get it Ashanti!


  4. James

    She killed this performance! I love the way she switched up on the part where Busta would’ve come in. Those vocals were amazing!


  5. James

    Great performance! I love the way she switched up the part where Busta would’ve come in! Those vocals were amazing!


  6. RomanReloaded2012

    Hang it up!! You’re done, 2012 is owned by Queen Nicki!!!


    Epic Fail Reply:

    @RomanReloaded2012, yo seriously stfu. Stupid Hoe is an epic fail and so is your fav. fake wack bitch


    biggz85 Reply:

    @RomanReloaded2012, no one is checking for nicki, to many bad bitches releasing music this year


  7. Loveme

    Miss Ashanti is back glad she on her promo hard now


  8. whitechocolate

    She sounded good but I’m not sure why she let the track sing so much of the chorus. I think this would sound better live with backup vocalists instead of just playback.


  9. hateit

    THE REAl Queen is back yasssss


  10. Jordan

    Her voice has really improved since her early days. Hopefully she promotes well so this album won’t flop like her most recent one


  11. ibitcha

    SHe sounds good she better slay these girls this yr Yass


  12. NicBKNY

    She sounds good and the song is good but think the beat could of been better but over all Go Ashanti


  13. Missthang



  14. Andre

    love it, so happy shes back


  15. Mosdef

    Ashanti I believe In you this year Go all the way to the Top Momma Light up that stage this year every time give 100% u really r a true Talent


  16. mr. Bluie daye

    Good singer even tho she did great performance in Altanta!! Keep doing yr thing Asha-sha


  17. Brina

    Yes I was there and Ashanti sounded amazing!!! The Woman You Love goes even harder live!!!:D She looks so beautiful in person!!


  18. tee

    Mannn I HATE I missed it but didnt no!!! It sounds like she killed it. Ashanti goin hard no matter wat….I mean screw all the haters!!! #teamAshanti


  19. theone

    You know I am so Glad finally something New Ashanti needs to be back that it girl…..I love her so much


  20. 77

    t first, i did not love thi song…. but now i think is dope, with a great promo, it can be a HIT.

    nicky stan, you can have a seat, STUPID HOE is wack song & stupid video

    NICKKY is so GHETTO…………


  21. Songstress

    WOW Her voice has really improved !!!! Her stage presence is still blah but she sounds good ! I’ll still be supporting her as always !


  22. |

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  23. Jojo18

    Love the record. Her vocals have improved TREMENDOUSLY; however, like someone else stated I think it would have sounded better without so much backing from the track. I’d love to hear this with a live band and backing vocalists. But keep the promo up Shan! You’re off to a good start this year.


  24. bar

    GO ASHANTI! you looked fine as hell, and those vocals were on point! you get better album by album! and yes i will admit she needs to up on the stage presence tho but besides that she slayed that shit. and @ that weak ass nicki fan, bitch nicki is all autuned and flopped her new singles are already flopping go on youtube and look at all the thumbs down stupid hoe got that shit is embarrassing lmao more thumb downs then up’s bitch flop! Take a seat nicki is the last person to compare to ashanti nicki don’t know whether shes artificial rap or pop confused much, that’s what you call a stupid hoe!





  26. nicegirl

    Sounded amazing. Love the song.


  27. Goes hard

    Shit she good,never heard her sing before,
    Hope she makes a song with CB RnB Takeover!we need to bring songs like this.


  28. Dough

    Sexy, can I hit it in the mornin? Lol


  29. Kahari

    I love Ashanti and I am a huge fan, but I must say her stage presence as a performer is weak. The description of the song laid a lyrical foundation about what she was gonna be singing about which is fine, as a artist, you’re suppose to engage the audience, have a conversation with them. However, I wanted more from her…I see she’s still doing the wave the mic in the air thing and strutin’ across the stage. It’s very passe, something she does all the time. The production of the sound is gritty , and I expect some kind of dance number. Eh…

    On a lighter note, the vocals have improved; she sounds more grounded instead of singing in her upper register all whiny and slightly annoying. My only complaint is about the backtrack on the hook really necessary? I mean, some parts of the chorus she could have filled in like: Tryna see (tryna fight!)…I would have definitely love to see her hit the “OH!” part.

    Other than that, “The Woman You Love” has been gaining momentum on radio waves due to word of mouth and request. The blogs are blazing about the song. I don’t know for sure if this is the official lead single, but it most definitely feels good to have an authentic R&B/Hip-Hop singer back on the airwaves. Welcome back, Shan! This new era will be very interesting to see unravel, I wish nothing but the best for success! ;)


  30. Lisa

    Ashanti! I love her and her vocals have improved so much, glad to know she hasn’t just been sitting around. She just keeps on improving her craft. I cannot wait for her new album.


  31. @Brass_knucklez

    0_0 let me preface my statement by saying that I wish Ashanti the best and I do like the song but for all the people above me praising her “live” vocals……Anyone who is a connoisseur of live performances can tell that she lip-synched to a back track. And the audience’s reaction (or lack there of) to this performance is a direct reflection of how the world is receiving Ashantis new single right now. Which is not very well at all. But as I said i LIKE, (dont love), the song. If the video is as good as the Rain On Me video was then that would help alot. And again I am not hating, before all 5 of her stans come attacking me.


    Erik Reply:

    @@Brass_knucklez, She didn’t lip the hole thing, primarily the chorus. & the audience was more receptive in person. Other videos showcase that. She’s gotten many good reviews on the song and it’s doing fair at radio being that she is just starting to promote the single and it does not go out for official radio release until tomorrow (Jan 23rd).


  32. PRISCA



  33. She_da_one

    I was there and it she did amazing


  34. Mb92

    they should take busta’s part out, and do it just like this


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