Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks ‘Sparkle’ on the Big Screen

Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston returns to the big screen for the first time in 15 years in Sparkle, a remake of the 1976 Motown-era film. In the first official still from the movie (via PEOPLE), the legendary singer plays mother to her co-star, Jordin Sparks.

“Part of the fun of making this movie is definitely the costumes and the hairstyles,” the 48-year-old diva tells PEOPLE. “The movie is set in 1963, and we had a great wardrobe, hair and makeup person and I loved wearing the outfits.”

Sparks makes her film debut alongside Houston. “She was so cool and very motherly toward me,” says the 22-year-old “American Idol” winner, who plays a singer who hits it big. “If I ever looked like I needed something, here she came saying ‘Are you okay?’”

Sparkle, which marks Houston’s first big-screen role since The Preacher’s Wife in 1996, opens in theaters on August 10.

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  1. carl

    Wow, Whitney looks amazing! Can’t wait to see this movie!


    RomanReloaded2012 Reply:

    @carl, a mess!!!


    coolio Reply:

    @RomanReloaded2012, You need to keep quiet like seriously


  2. IAmWhoIam

    Whitney aka “THE VOICE” is STUNNING!


    RomanReloaded2012 Reply:

    @IAmWhoIam, The voice is old and cracked out..Nicki owns 2012.


    Deme89 Reply:

    @RomanReloaded2012, you Nicki stans kill me I think you bring her name up in every post because the bitch failing off


  3. Lee

    I’m so rooting for Whitney. I gots to support this new Sparkle movie. Gotta admit, Whit looks beautiful


  4. DeeJay

    Can’t wait to see this film. Glad its not coming out 2013 like read.


  5. RomanReloaded2012

    This old bitch, and Jordin is a one hit wonder…Youre both done!


    wharashit Reply:

    @RomanReloaded2012, Whitney Houston one hit wonder?

    You must be very young not knowing what whitney acheived. You should educate yourself young girl/guy!


  6. Jay Scorpio

    i’m sorry but 2012 is all about RIHANNA a.k.a SLAYANNA… she gonna continue to rule the charts and airways… #JustDEAL thnkx


    @DrewShane Reply:

    @Jay Scorpio, please be sorry, we’re talking about Sparkle- not Billboard.


  7. ced

    wow whitney get goosebumps everytime i hear that name!!! cant wait hope this movie pushes jordins star to higher heights


  8. kiki

    this film was suppose to come out in 2002 with whintey houston, aaliyah and some others, i guess hope it lives up to expectations.


    DEYSHUN Reply:

    @kiki, if it came out in 02, it would’ve been bigger cause Whitney was still in her prime and Aaliyah was becoming a superstar. Now we know what Whitney has been through and sparks is kinda forgotten now


  9. Geno

    Whitney Houston is a stunning, natural beauty; plus she’s still the most exciting singer alive. I can’t wait to see Whitney acting again, she’s gonna push this film to box office heights it would never have seen without her. That’s the power and draw of Whitney Houston. A legend in her own lifetime.


  10. Hugh

    Love the look of the movie


  11. Sam

    Im so excited for Jordin This will really boots her career… shes an amazing artist and she deserves to be bigger


  12. Ray

    Wow man that could have been Aaliyah


  13. piecy

    sparkle is a great classic movie. I wish Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks much success with this. I hope the movie they remake does not have much change in the script or it could be disappointing.


  14. Ice

    Jordin Sparks is fine as hell



    This where she been hiding, thought it was rehab.


  16. gina

    i luv whitney amdshe looks awesome! got to see sparkle


  17. nicegirl

    They both look amazing. Hope the movie is good and a success.


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  19. Fa

    Whoever is responsible for the management of WHitney needs to get fired.
    This whole comeback idea was a joke.
    This lady needs to be left alone, I know she needs money and needs to make a living but a remake of saprkle??? Cmon! Give me and her a f^%$in break!
    Shame on you Mr Davis.
    She is your best selling artist and needed a bit more than a half hearted comeback …she is/was the voice of a whole generation!


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  21. bossdog


    what da hell u talking bout? Whitney set for life and don’t have to work again. Those movies she produced princess diaries 1 and 2 and cheetah girls everytime dey play dem she get royalties

    her tour may not have been great but homegirl made $36mil and her cd sold well.

    Clive davis ain’t got a damn thing to do with this movie. Dis whitney’s project she been wanting to have baby girl aka aaliyah do from 2001 when she died.

    Whitney executive producing this movie and soundtrack. clive name don’t apear anywhere near this.

    go whitney, can’t wait to see sparkle


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