New Music: Elle Varner – ‘Conversational Lush’ [Mixtape]

Conversational Lush

Elle Varner bares her soul on her new mixtape Conversational Lush. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter serves up 13 soulful tracks, with contributions from Bei Maejor (“Feel Like a Woman”), J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and Pop & Oak. She samples Jay-Z’s “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” on the rap-sung “EV” and marches to the beat of her own drum on the inspirational “32 Flavors.” Elle’s self-written debut Perfectly Imperfect is due this year on RCA Records.

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  1. Stace

    I liked some of the songs, and she’s definitely talented, but there’s a harshness she always sings with that doesn’t really suit all the songs, and sometimes it can make her sound like she’s whining instead of singing, especially in that Ghost song.

    But she’s still new, so there’s a lot of time for her to improve, and I think she writes her own music and plays instruments, and I always appreciate when artists can do that.


    listen Reply:

    @Stace, I agree! I really like Elle Varner. we no longer get too many new artists in urban music like her, so it’s refreshing. a couple things worry me…1. she just put out a 13 mixtape. what are you going to put on your album? and 2. the harshness to her voice as pointed out above. there’s no doubt that this lady can sing, but the grit she puts on her voice (a la Macy Gray) became cacophonic by the time i got to the end of the project. i wish her the best. i hope j doesn’t drop the ball….again…


  2. callmeahaterbut.!

    i’m not feeling her i feel as if she is all over the place i love her record w/ jcole but this mixtape was a nono


  3. Anon 1

    I Love it!!!


  4. Ice

    Ok, I love “Only Wanna Give It To You” and “Refill”, but this mixtape isn’t that good. I was thinking about buying her album, but I’m glad I gave this mixtape a listen. Still like her, just don’t love her yet.


  5. R@@



  6. Lauryn

    So Fly.


  7. Lisa

    It’s a little rough, but a mile better than some of the biggest heavyweights in the game. Her music needs a little more structure, she’ll be aight. I think this is the type of mixtape you need to listen to multiple times for you to like/love it. And that WTF song was dope. It had me all messed up, like “what the hell is she talkin ’bout?!” haha, I like that.


  8. YesMan

    Its a MixTape! Its dope! album will have more album cuts! This is just her having fun! so of course it wont compare to her singles


  9. ellefan

    The hook of 32 Flavors is NOT an original song, the music was just completely changed.

    It is a song written by the indie-folk artist Ani Difranco, who almost nobody knows, especially any urban music fan.

    Check Ani Difranco out, she’s incredible.


  10. Prada-G

    This is dope! I always knew there was something about her when I heard Only Wanna Give it To You, this just confirmed that. Her voice is so real and raw, not a processed studio creation. Do ya thang baby girl ;)


  11. tay



  12. Kyle

    This is pretty good! I will definitely check out her debut album when it drop. She has lots of potential


  13. Songstress

    I downloaded this earlier & haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it but will do !


  14. Badd

    I loved this mixtape. She can def grow as an artist and vocally. This is strong for a new artist. She has a youthful soul “Chrisette Michelle” vibe about her.


  15. samanthalauryn

    I’m feeling this chick..


  16. Phoenix_Wright

    Feeling the s*** out of her. Best believe I will be buying her album. Hell I would of bought this if it wasn’t free!


  17. karmaJones

    I absolutely LOVE her!! Effortlessly Fly to me… thankful for something different. FINALLY :)


  18. d

    I like how the title “conversational lush” rolls off my tongue…its purrty cool :)


  19. nicegirl

    This mixtape is pretty good. I love the raspiness she has in her voice. And this is only the mixtape, which is kinda like songs she feels shouldn’t be on the album, so the album will only be better.


  20. Mixtape: Elle Varner - Conversational Lush

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  21. Tionne

    Love this mixtape! Easy listening right here


  22. @SickOn_SWAGG

    I LIKE the Mixtape
    I LOVE her <3


  23. Marie

    Soooo good!


  24. jd4mk4eva

    i think the harshness in her voice is what gives it an edge. I have “only wanna give it to you” on reply on my ipod! love her! I really hope she makes it big


  25. Lo-Key

    I absolutely love that grit and raw talent that she projects. I think that she is a creative artist that will go far. She has written most of the tracks on her album. Trust me she is far from being out of work!!!


  26. Boo$ieMariee

    When i first heard (refill] i fell in love with it .. but the other songs she didn’t really try on them . by the way you guys should watch the video its kind of sad cause she was a cheerleader sneaked out the hotel met this boy and it was time for her to go he tried to give her his number while she was on the bus and the paper ripped so they was only with each other for a night i honestly thought it was sad !


  27. Emily

    I absolute love her voice and especially her style. She is refreshing, not the everyday run of the mill. I love the same tone that many describe as harshness. I like difference and variation as well as melodic voices.


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