New Music: K’naan f/ Nelly Furtado – ‘Is Anybody Out There?’

Nelly Furtado and K'naan

K’naan reaches out a hand on “Is Anybody Out There?” the lead single off his 5-track EP More Beautiful Than Silence, available tomorrow on iTunes. The triumphant production, which features his fellow Canadian Nelly Furtado, serves as an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt invisible. “I don’t wanna be left in this war tonight/ Am I alone in this fight?/ Is anybody out there?” asks Nelly. Answer the call.

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  1. kelly

    Okay this is my theme song. Nice song with a great meaning!!!


  2. altered_mind

    I really like this song! I’ve been missing Nelly F. as well! Can hear this on radio big time…


  3. lozo

    Knaan – I’m in every joint this year orthopedic -


  4. topshelf

    I miss the old nelly


  5. Graham

    I love Nelly Furtado’s voice, i love this collaberaton


  6. bijan

    I like both of them but this song is very generic sounding to me


    Bee Reply:

    @bijan, This. It’s nice but it sounds like songs I’ve heard many times before – generic.


  7. Jumbo



  8. 2XCL

    Their voices sound good together.


  9. nicegirl

    Good song. Could do well on radio.


  10. Hugh

    Love it.

    Nelly’s best song in a while, Knaan is great


  11. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi)

    I LUV ITTT !!!


  12. ahmedu

    i like both, and wishin k,naan all da best


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