New Music: Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf – ‘You Don’t Know (For F**k Sake)’

Ed Sheeran and Yelawolf

Yelawolf connects with U.K. singer Ed Sheeran on “You Don’t Know (For Fuck Sake),” the first release off their free joint EP Slumdon Bridge. The Alabama rapper provides some country flavor, while the red-haired Sheeran smoothes it out over the soulful melody. Sheeran, who got his start as an underground rapper, has become one of the best-selling acts in the U.K. after releasing his debut album + last year. He dropped The A Team EP stateside in December.

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  1. illerbrown



  2. Lauryn

    Swagger Jacked. (Ye) from “I’m So Appalled” Wackass B*tch!!!


    Randy Reply:

    @Lauryn, what the fuck are you rambling about? just felt like complaining about something?


  3. whitechocolate

    kinda tough


  4. XO till we overdose

    this is why UK hip hop is great. you don’t have to look 1 way to be considered a great rapper.


  5. Den

    seeing yelawolf in february in dallas. yesisr


  6. Audrey Hepburn



  7. Jason

    This is awesome!!!!!!


  8. nicegirl

    I don’t think Yelawolf is good on this song. But Ed Sheeran is really good.


  9. stupid ass

    for junk sake coz this is pure garbage.


  10. Hugh

    Fantastic music. Please post more info on the EP when its out


  11. donsh

    illuminati shit .. xd soo fail lame xd
    but ok maybe good music shit.


  12. Jack This

    That’s a damn coog song/collabo.

    “Hello me, how ya been? Woah- haircut is a mullet again?”.


    LMAO ROTF @ cats who think “Yela ruins this song”. More like, “thank you Yelawolf- you helped make this song”.

    Both artists went IN Hard.

    PS: Anyone else catch the Nirvana “Lake of Fire” reference by Yelawolf? Dude is someone you might wanna listen to- but not a man you wanna fuck with.

    I’m SlumDone! Form your own opinions and stop listening to what your Mom, Dad, neighbor/co-worker/postman told you was “cool”.

    Develop your own sense of “cool”- and stick to it.

    “Sick song… all along… just had to instill a few thoughts inside the brains outside of the kickdrums… It’s DONE. Wanna date? Fuck you, no mushrooms? I’d rather lick crumbs… Yessir, look inside my dresser that’s how the West was ONE.”

    Yela is the truth. Recognize now or later..


  13. Eren

    G is swlloy moving from behind the scenes first the Kodak face reveal, now hosting this event, pretty soon Gotty is gonna have his owb mixtape and video blog lol.


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