New Music: Soulja Boy f/ Game – ‘Too Faded’

Soulja Boy and Game

Soulja Boy lights the purp and drop the top with Game and his Money Gang on “Too Faded,” their first collaboration. “I’m fucked up and I’m faded,” sings Soulja on the smokers’ anthem, which was recorded last week. Game bigs up his player ways on his intro verse. “I done ran through her before Kris Humphries,” he brags in reference to Kim Kardashian’s ex.


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  1. Rap*



    XO till we overdose Reply:

    @Rap*, do you just come here to say that? get a life.


  2. lu

    game totally lost it


  3. Markel Young

    And its OFFICIALLY OVER!..the Game is not a rapper no more…used to be on of the greatest GAME fans…HIPHOP has truly broken away..rappers dont know what they want.


  4. Markel Young

    wheres the GAME that dident CARE on tracks, RAP from the HEART, write REAL feelings, REAL lyrics…once the money caught them up…damn they started slipping….lost the hunger, and appreciation of living a happy life.


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  6. [email protected]

    This is Just Plain Bad… wish they would Up it..)dk


  7. Antonio

    Why are you hating on Soulja for, he does make good songs when he puts effort in. Get a life and leave him alone.


  8. Dogg



  9. Real G

    Soulja actually did aite…Game is hilarious tho…he stay name droppin.. and why errybody got song called #Faded now?? smh


  10. nicegirl

    Talking about money and b****es again smh.


  11. mistwalker

    WTF IS THIS GARBAGE ??? RAP-UP u find fun in mocking us on here huh an torching us with bs rap like this huh???


  12. Spida

    This ain’t too bad… Hope Soulja gets better soon though, feel kinda bad for him lol


  13. JB

    Game said not long ago that Soulja Boy is the worst rapper of the moment!


  14. stupid ass

    these two probably hit gold with this song title coz souija baby faded a long time ago n game is fadin right now or is gonna fade if he keeps this bs up.damn it bwoi


    MoeMoe Reply:

    @stupid ass, lol


  15. Dwib

    Game is faded, why he colaborate with this sucker ass souljaboy.


  16. Dwib

    Game just kissed the game goodbye. What kinda nonsense is this????? It’s torturing just to listen to it. Dang!!!!


  17. WZRD

    fuckn “illuminati”. stupid lyrics, boring instrumental, nothin nu. another garbage.


  18. Bizz

    soldier boi sound like he reading his shit for the second or third time…smh


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