M.I.A. Readies ‘Bad Girls’ Single and Video

Bad Girls

Make way for M.I.A. Pop’s resident rebel is coming back with a new single and video. “Bad Girls” is set to debut online on Monday, January 30, at 2:30 p.m. EST. Recorded in Miami, the Danja (Timbaland, Madonna) production will hit iTunes the next day. The song was originally included on her 2010 mixtape Vicki Leekx.

An accompanying video by Romain Gavras, who directed the controversial “Born Free,” will premiere on February 3.

M.I.A. will also join Madonna during her halftime performance at the Super Bowl on February 5, where they will perform Madge’s new single “Gimme All Your Luvin’,” also featuring Nicki Minaj.

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  1. taliban

    thiz iz my girl


  2. Chet

    DANJA! Song is fuckin nasty! Love this shit.


    Mook Reply:

    @Chet, Danja is incredible…I was bumping this song so much last year…it was one of her best songs to date and I couldn’t wait for a video


  3. IkiHav




    My sister is on her music video I can’t wait!!!!!


    Jimmy Reply:


    wow, Really???!!!


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  7. Will

    Ahhhhhh this song is sooo dope Danja MURDERED the production and i bet its gonna be even more mastered than the one on the Vicki Leekz mixtape. Very ampt about this


  8. Aza

    YES :’) M.I.A. UNIVERSE 2012


  9. craig

    why is she copying Lady Gaga again?


    IKARYSS Reply:

    @craig, Can I ask why you think that?


    craig Reply:


    my opinion bitch I don’t have to explain shit to u!


    Chet Reply:

    @craig, Cause you have nothing to back it up. Sit down, shut up.


    Will Reply:

    @Chet, Lmao exactly. They cant even back up what they say thats what u call a HATER lol


    craig Reply:

    @Will, @Chet

    both of y’all can kiss my light-skinned ass.
    She’s copying Lady Gaga with her outlandish outfit, font style, etc! Do I really need to continue
    Lady gaga has created the whole art/creative vibe and now all these less bum dykes stealing calling it their own. Go listen to that cumbucket Rihanna, as I know
    u guys are below the age of 15

    Oh U Mad? Reply:

    @craig, Why u mad tho? Your life must be full of hate it must suck for u.


    GagaQueenofPop Reply:

    @Oh U Mad?,

    Gorl u can dig your smut face in my arse too! Good day bum


    pointlessargument Reply:

    @craig, lady gaga created the art/creative vibe? so nobody anywhere made art before lady gaga. MIA was originally an artist way before she started making music, her work is out there is you look it up, you are not really making much of a point, they have two completely different styles, I don’t think MIA would have any interest in copying gaga, If she was wearing a kinky leaher sex suit with spikes on it then I would see your point but I don’t see any similarity at all


    Fact Reply:

    @craig, Um M.I.A. came out before Gaga even had a record deal stfu u sound stupid and just a bitter hater. M.I.A. is more original than she will ever be


  10. kani k.



  11. RDK

    keep doing your thing M.I.A.


  12. Kyle

    I seriously LOVE M.I.A.!!!! As much as I am a fan, I must say I haven’t heard much from her mixtape so I can’t wait to see this video. I hope she drops a new album this year. I was just listening to “MAYA” earlier today.


  13. nicegirl

    I didn’t really like the song. Hopefully she changed a few things for the single.


  14. Neon



  15. h8ermagnet

    werq b!tch i live <3


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  17. Haze

    Her album covers always looks soooooo cheap! She shud stop doing them herself… Lol… Sickkk beat though


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