Common Freestyles Over Beyoncé’s ‘Party’ [Video]

Common knows how to make a girl feel good. The Chi-town MC brought a female fan on stage during the after-party for his new film LUV at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. He dedicated his freestyle over Beyoncé’s “Party” instrumental to the lucky gal. “We can put it all together/ You know the weather/ Me and Jasmine we can find forever,” he rapped.

[Fakeshore Drive]

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  1. Carl

    He should of been on the remix instead of J.Cole



    Drake cant do that…he too sweet, might as well cry on the track so we know its real…


  3. AAA

    Smh, we diss a popular rapper, now we get attention..aye I guess u gotta do what u gotta do to stay relevent huh, I hope it works out for em


    Mike Reply:

    @AAA, No more like Drake tried to be a tough guy and out of EVERYONE who dissed him he purposely took bait to Common track and started crying on stage talking about “just cause I sing don’t mean I’m a bitch..” so Common ran with it and said “Sweet” was about cornball Drake. And instead of Drake showing the masses the emcee he wants us to believe he is he rather “fight” Common LMAOOO!

    Drake starteed it with Luda when he did that interview criticizing his flow and when Luda made that record Drake was silent. Drake took bait to Common record and did that song with Ross dissing Common and when Common respond he’s now silent. I’m glad I realized how much of a joke he is


  4. Lauryn

    Would Have Made A Great Remix. As He Gives That Old-Skool Feel! J Cole Was Terrible!!!


    nicegirl Reply:

    @Lauryn, Agree with you. Common has that 90′s feel that the song has. He should have been on the remix.


  5. 7

    I ALWAYS SAY THAT common WAS THE RAPPER for this song



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