Trailer: Rick Ross – ‘MMG Untouchable’

Rick Ross declares himself the “Biggest Artist in the Game” in the trailer for “MMG Untouchable,” a cut off his mixtape Rich Forever. The Maybach Music boss drapes himself in fur and goes shirtless in the brief teaser.

“On my fly fatboii flyshit,” tweeted Rozay, who hit the studio with Dr. Dre in Miami this week.

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  1. Drew



  2. Ryan Brave

    Rick Ross A Boss!


  3. my name is oo

    Annoying. Please stop it.


  4. common

    dude is still challenging god with that i dont forgive bullsh*t! hez playing with fire while water is available!!! wont be surprised if he mystiriously dies this year!!!


    tune Reply:

    @common, soooo tell me exactly whats wrong with him sayin god forgives, but he doesnt


  5. yezzir



  6. nicegirl

    When he means the Biggest Artist In The Game, he means the Fattest Artist In The Game. Rick, lose some weight.


  7. common

    @tune we came in this world to forgive each other!! we forgive others so that god can forgive us, thats how we get to heaven!! forgiveness is like the moral of the bible!!!so god says forgive so that u can be forgiven, but rickross purposely refuses and publisises it 4 the world to see and inturn draws million of fans to hez un forgiveness web. god aint someone to mess with he can only warn u for long. Ross better change that title or else.


  8. kevinim_shady

    a ex policeman is the hardest in the game ok whats next the earth that will change in a aplle?^^


  9. chris chavez

    ricky nuccho shit biatch,jus die already,wen is tha next seizure comin ???


  10. Holtz

    the biggest in the game..? NOPE


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