Azealia Banks Performs ‘212’ at Karl Lagerfeld’s House [Video]

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks provided the soundtrack at the launch party for Karl Lagerfeld’s new masstige line on Wednesday night (Jan. 25). The 20-year-old Harlem rapper was hand-picked by the fashion guru to perform at the opulent dinner held at his house during Paris Fashion Week.

“I’m here! Hi, Mr. Lagerfeld,” shouted Banks, who sported blue and green hair and a Lagerfeld-inspired outfit. She worked the stage with her expletive-laced single “212” and received a hug from the designer himself.

Not only did Banks score a custom jumper from Mr. Lagerfeld, she also went home with a personalized iPad. Très chic.

Photo by Stephane Feugere/WWD

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  1. Chet

    Get ‘em! Look at Uncle Karl.


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @Chet, she kinda extra oily like jermaine jackson


    thelonelyboner//tumblr Reply:

    @white hos love BBC, dat lacefront tho~


  2. Audrey Hepburn

    This is an odd, but nice combination. Azealia has innovate music. Karl has innovative design.


    REAL TALK Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn, not really into her music…but she coming up so thas cool…but get rid of that hairstylist..if there is one


  3. C1

    She’s amazing!!!!


  4. Triniti

    At first glance, I thought she was Jermaine Jackson lol


  5. RDK

    even though she dis nicki,and i usually go in on anyone who pulls that sh-t,but i must admit i like this song,but if she keeps that shading sh-t up for no reason,my feelings about her will change in a split second,on another note Az needs to fix them d-mn extension hairs.


    ed Reply:

    @RDK, she didn’t diss Nicki. the other day she tweeted that she loves Nicki. she was just telling the truth about her.


    Chet Reply:

    @RDK, What did she say about Nicki?


    biggz85 Reply:

    @Chet, this is what was said
    On Kraeyshawn:
    “As much as Kreayshawn would love to be considered part of this ‘rap game,’ she’s not. I guess a part of me is kind of annoyed that those white girls are making these songs, and it’s like if these girls were black and making the same songs would you be that interested?”

    On Minaj:
    “The butt, the hair, the this, the that, all the other shit, like… As much respect that I have for her, we’ve seen you do this already, what else can you do?”

    On Missy:
    “I’m trying to be innovative, I want to be like Missy Elliott was, respected and accepted for doing her own thing.”


    CutieJackie Reply:

    @RDK, ughh STFU! nobody worrying about nicki, azealia doing her she aint throwing any shade she actually likes and respects nicki, as a fan she just wants to see more out of nicki instead of the gimmicks she be on all the time


  6. uhhh

    … her bangs though. o_O


  7. seeWeed

    She got a Rihanna forehead


  8. hotterboi

    hmmm..i think i like her…need here some more material before i become a fan…


  9. Mimi

    She looks a mess. She needs a stylist! BAD!!!


  10. jj

    i like her but the baby hairs or whatever you wanna call it makes me sad :/


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  12. d

    Who r these people!?!?!?!?!?


  13. Sharp Tongue

    Not feeling it.


  14. Jarvis

    This Karl is is really pimping her ass out…and im mad she thinks she is cute with that baby hair bangs…girl bye!


  15. @ManAboveRace



  16. DRB

    LMAO at the crowd singing “I guess that c*nt gettin eatin.” Umm, I love my iPaddle as much as the next person but that camera is not the biz when it comes to recording and taking pictures so wtf are they doing


  17. nicegirl

    Those people sitting at the table look so uncomfortable. I like the song now…kinda grew on me.


  18. no1else

    i like her alot, although she needs to work on her stage presence, interact with the audience much more. hope she works on that and not be as stiff as >___> “mmh mmmh”


  19. chris chavez

    wtf is this n who tha f is she n wassup wid da coloured hair ish,i see that barbie trend caught on with many pple



    What Is This Shit.??


  21. AllAboutDaBenjizz

    This bitch is dope! Nice flow and lyrics are always on point.. educate yourself and go on Youtube.. now that she’s heading mainstream maybe she can light a fire under nicki minajs ass to get her to actually come out with better music cause this bitch is on her come up and the songs she’s put out are better than nicki minaj stuff post mixtape days #sorrytobreakittoyou


  22. MmmHmm



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