Video: Carl Thomas f/ Snoop Dogg – ‘Don’t Kiss Me’

Snoop Dogg and Carl Thomas

Carl Thomas speaks strictly to the grown and sexy in the video for “Don’t Kiss Me,” a single off his 2011 album Conquer. The suave singer performs for clubgoers and flirts with a cutie at the bar, while his co-star Snoop Dogg gets his smoke and two-step on in VIP. Fall under his spell.

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  1. hotterboi

    love this song…pretty nice album too


  2. Latonya

    Glad to see Carl is back making music, what label is he with now? Is he independent?


  3. H-Town

    Decent R&B song here


  4. D

    produced by Rico Love, for all you music geeks out there ha!


  5. D

    Produce by Rico love, for all you geeks out there.


  6. nicegirl

    Love this. We need more r&b music like this.



    Love the song so much. It is decent. no showing of cleavages, booty and all that.


  8. Hugh

    Cool song


  9. juAn

    Carl is da man


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