Video: Ruben Studdard – ‘June 28th (I’m Single)’

Ruben Studdard

The honeymoon is over. Ruben Studdard declares his bachelor status on “June 28th (I’m Single),” a single from his upcoming album Letters From Birmingham, due March 13. The “American Idol” winner, who recently got divorced, sends his girl packing and finds a new woman who appreciates him. Show the Velvet Teddy Bear some love.

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  1. Ms.Shanelle

    I actually like this…. I used to love Ruben on Idol. Then he dropped off the face of the earth.. disappointing! However, I’m happy to see him back and his vocals still sound great!


  2. jeanquila

    a bit awkward. this seems like a home made video…


  3. Brown Sugar

    I have always loved his voice! Great song too!


  4. Joseph McCoy

    No one wants a fat dude. Lose some weight.


    AustynKing Reply:

    @Joseph McCoy, Umm Yess Gay Men that love big guys like fat guys just the way they are!! U WRONG = DEAD WRONG!


    Mr.ahhhh- Iveyz Reply:

    @Joseph McCoy, u wrong= Dead Wrong!! now u lose some Weight U C****


  5. H-Town

    Song is definitely relatable, vid is simple though but it depicts the story he’s telling okay.


  6. Marc

    Get it Rube! Still doin his thing


  7. Video: Ruben Studdard Declares 'I'm Single' | Carlton Jordan

    [...] Source: Rap-Up [...]

  8. LAX

    I like


  9. AustynKing

    I’m sorry Rueben but just say u love big men & we will luv u right back…Quit acting Trade & being all sensitive!! LOL!


  10. Brion

    goooo Ruben 205 all day baby!!


  11. Reppin Alabama~

    Yaassss Ruben is back!!


  12. Mr.ahhhh- Iveyz

    nice song


  13. nicegirl

    Like the song, but the video is a little cheap. But I like the story of the video.


  14. true love

    I like the song


  15. hendry

    like this songs


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