New Music: Sean Paul f/ Kelly Rowland – ‘How Deep Is Your Love’

Kelly Rowland and Sean Paul

Kelly Rowland moves to the reggae rhythms of Sean Paul on “How Deep Is Your Love.” Produced by Stargate and penned by Ester Dean, the breezy cut appears on the dancehall star’s new album Tomahawk Technique, which will be released internationally on January 30.

“It’s similar to ‘Got 2 Luv U’ with Alexis Jordan,” Sean told Rap-Up TV. “It’s definitely a dancehall track.”

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  1. @Lewis_Bennett

    Am I the only one that thinks its a bit boring? I like it but nothing amazing


    Real Issh Reply:

    @@Lewis_Bennett, i prefer the Ester Dean version…. -__-


  2. lostonez

    i think this should be sean’s next single..A good video can def make this a a top 10 single..the song is very catchy n it hAve that smooth vibe to it..


  3. lostonez

    the beat sounds like the same beat on turn it up by kelly rowland…


  4. RDK

    they doing there thing.


  5. Damz

    I freaking love this song. Definitely a has “Hit” written all over it. Hope this is released as a single. I see Kelly is using her voice more, makes me happy.


  6. LLLL

    Sam and Collete really did their best with this track “How Much Do You Love Me” im really into it. its pumping and having lots of FUN!


  7. Q

    Man….Sean Paul and his Songs gets sooo boring ;-(

    But i like this 1 much more than Got 2 Luv U oder She Doesn’t Mind


  8. Jaymalls

    Would have been better with Rihanna on it… she would have added that twang/Caribbean accent the chorus needed! Kelly still did her thing though!


    Billionaire Reply:

    @Jaymalls, I agree!


  9. Iceman

    “Released overseas January 30″?

    What do you have against America, Mr. Paul?


    leesbazaar Reply:

    @Iceman, he is HUGE overseas, way bigger over there than he is over here, sad to say


  10. mus

    Think its very catchy, Sean Paul is def in full promotion mode. Stargate has the pop thing on a chokehold, and Esther Dean is nice with it too.


  11. williNalli

    OMG this is FIRE…The vocals r just so YUMMY!!! I wanted the track to last forever #onrepeat



  12. Hugh

    I like the song but i dont like Sean Pauls accent. Cant hear what hes saying sometimes

    Kelly is dope!


  13. nicegirl

    Nice song…but Sean Paul better be careful. His songs are starting to sound the same.


  14. muni

    very catchy and Ms Kelly’s voice is just WOW!!


  15. saio

    te amo?


  16. YunkProphet

    don’t like Kelly’s voice here. I think a ‘cuter’ voice would fit Sean Paul better. It would be a smash with JENNIFER LOPEZ on his side. Sorry, Kelly. I like you more on different tunes…but the song is still fire. for sure!


  17. Simon

    I would be surprised if no one had problem with Kelly. What has she done to you guys? Like really? This is a catchy tune props to sean paul n kelly. And i’m lovin the Easter Dean kelly rowland friend. It might give me a rose coloredesque hit


  18. TG

    why don’t you understand the Sean Pauls accent it English just that he is Jamaican that what you don’t understand Hugh USA folks don’t Jamaican talk!


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