Video: Ke$ha f/ Wiz Khalifa, André 3000, T.I., & Lil Wayne – ‘Sleazy Remix 2.0’

Sleazy Remix 2.0

Laugh out loud with Ke$ha in the comical video for “Sleazy Remix 2.0 – Get Sleazier,” which she officially released on her YouTube channel. Instead of enlisting her hip-hop collaborators Wiz Khalifa, André 3000, T.I., and Lil Wayne for the gritty visuals, the pop star casts some unexpected characters.

A drag queen performs Wiz’ verse, André 3000 is played by Napoleon Dynamite actor Efren Ramirez, and T.I. looks a little older (and whiter) as he raps in his wheelchair: “I was gonna take her, make her my new royal penis cleaner.”

Ke$ha explained the video’s origins. “This video is the product of my friends seeing how sleazy the already monumentally Sleazy Remix 2.0 could get,” she said. “Brace yourself because this video takes SLEAZY to a whole new level.”

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  1. RihannaCB

    interesting…. cool song tho. dunno what to think abt the vid yet lmaoooo


    StarsAreBlind Reply:

    @RihannaCB, Are you serious? This video is everything.


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  3. lyfechanges

    the old man doing T.I. was EVERYTHING! lmao


  4. J. Peezy

    It’s PEDRO!!!


    FilipinoPharaoh Reply:

    @J. Peezy, this is LOL, soo good !


  5. bonkers

    I lost major respect for Andre 3000 smh


    XO till we overdose Reply:

    @bonkers, lighten up andre 3000 was having some fun.
    not like he made a joint album with soulja boy and waka flocka


  6. Tootall

    That video was trash.


  7. buddyreal

    my cheeks hurt. on my face that is.

    lol. my lil sis said look at adele. smh

    not haten i love that chick. it was funny though.


  8. ummmm

    this was dumb the ppl in this video take the shin away from the ones that did the song keshia dirty ass need stop


  9. CarlosBonegro

    its different ANYTHING different is better than the rubbish that most artists do in a club or infront of a green screen or some other crap


  10. D.S

    I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE this wow keisha impressed me i think its a new direction creative artistic all that we look forward to seeing when we see and hear a new video has been released for a new single. Keisha you have a new fan in me. and big up to showing support for lgbt in the first 40 seconds of the video.this song/video EPIC!


  11. why??????

    love it the vid is creative!


  12. leslie arnelle

    love it


  13. lindelwa

    The is sumthing bout ke$ha I lyk …mayb dat dollar sign on her name nt sure *smh* sleazyyy ryt lol on da real I’m a true FAN of hers dnt confuse wit stan… Video is hella gud n dis is my song no doubt


  14. Ice

    BAHAHA, that old man was priceless. (“Stuntin like a foo!”)


  15. nicegirl



  16. Mas



  17. Rap*

    the drag was funny

    overall…sanatic …why did they put a jesus in this video?

    the beer, being sleazy etc..

    good role model


  18. sasha132

    I hate this video but i luv da song.the video did not give the rappers in the song respect in my opinion lil’wayne,wiz, T.I., and andre 3000 should have been in the video because it hell boost there caeers more and andre is coming out of the dark and we need him to shine and finally THIS VIDEO WAS TRASH.


  19. @Lewis_Bennett

    It’s a joke and funny video, jeeeesus it’s nothing serious, the guys probably think its really funny as well, Kesha also isn’t in it


  20. Chet

    I give credit where credit is due and that was dope. Don’t even hate.


  21. malikMJdope

    It was Art people relax, Yea a video with all of them in it woulda been hot but this is pretty dope a day in th life of LA sleaze!


    Drew Reply:

    @malikMJdope, anything different just throw the term “art” on it..


  22. TAMAR

    Ke$ha is crazy.


  23. mr. Ahhh-Iveyz

    hot ass song.


  24. @JUICEloveONIKA



  25. tony

    Like a FOO


  26. Chiare

    Rly, ke$ha? Dis vid? Hmm x 3 , still love da song shit goez hard.


  27. d

    This wuss purrty stupid. *confused*


  28. bijan

    i like it. obv they couldn’t get everyone together for the video. this was a good alternative


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