Behind the Video: Busta Rhymes f/ Chris Brown – ‘Why Stop Now’

Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes

Google Music takes you behind the scenes of Busta Rhymes’ video for “Why Stop Now” featuring Chris Brown. The full video, directed by Hype Williams, will premiere online Monday at 3 p.m. EST.

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  1. RihannaCB

    Busta is funny! hahahaha. Chris looks cool! Doing the tricks etc, cant wait to see it Monday.


  2. Stre3t Danc@

    Video out on Monday!! Cannot wait any longerrrr!!


  3. Miszi

    Love the song, the mood of video seems cool and the dancing from Chris and all sort of acrobatics. I didn’t know Busta was so funny too ;P .


  4. zania

    Busta is funny as shit, I can’t wait to see this video CB looking good and doing his thing like aways.


  5. CBE

    LOL!!! at Busta “I cant do that shit! jumpin bouncin off walls”

    This gonna be hot video



  6. Holby

    Chris breezy is hyper as fuck,his doing acrobatics!hahaha

    This should be a good video


  7. Jasmine

    Cant wait to see the finish product… I think they trying to work together again bcoz of Look at me now,but wont be as big.

    Busta is funny as hell!


  8. Amac

    Is Busta flirting with his stylist ????


  9. DrakeTakeCare

    hahaha gotta like busta rhymes..
    hype williams=legendary


  10. Holby

    Chris looks possessed here LMAO!
    Gonna be a cool vid for sure,yeah busta is into his stylist flirting and shit.


  11. nicegirl

    Haha he’s funny. Video looks good.


  12. wonderLand19

    Cant wait to see this vid cause i LOOOVE this song. Hype better do this properly cause he has had made some random vid lately.

    Busta + Brezzy = GENIUS!


  13. DrizzyDrake

    Daaaaamn Breezy going innnnn with those moves. Cant wait to see the video.


  14. :o

    Cant wait!!!!!! <3


  15. calvin



  16. BreezyLover

    I love it how Chris Brown is so flexible…lucky Karrueche


  17. shakeLIFE

    hahaa buss that nicca


  18. zo kiki

    cant wait ….


  19. :o

    I swear i have to say this!! where are the haters??


  20. chris chavez

    this gonna be the second look at me now-biggest shit of the year.aha….leggggggggoooooooooo


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