Video: Kalenna – ‘Matte Black Truck’


Dirty Money diva Kalenna gives lots of lip in her latest viral video for “Matte Black Truck,” a knocking cut off her upcoming mixtape Chamber of Diaries.

“If you leave, I’ma crank Wu-Tang in my matte black truck/ I’ma keep a red cup filled up in my matte black truck,” sings Kalenna as words spill out of her bejeweled lips.

Due in February, the emotional Diaries features contributions from Wayne Wonder, Maino, Rodney Jerkins, French Montana, Yung Chris, and more.

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  1. H-Town

    “I need you and you need me”..Interesting..Fire Beat..Lips scary though lol.


  2. draya

    yesss this is hot. work girls get ready to be upstaged


  3. jeremydante

    i alway notice what they try to do, stylistically, with kaleena’s image & it’s always done in some lazy way. wish they would put more effort into it. these videos they tryna drop are always so low budget looking. not tryna hate, just being honest. the song sounds good but on the style-tip, its not well executed.


  4. JeremyDanteAlwaysHatin

    Jeremy STFU you hatin ass hoe, you always bringin your late, tired ass to forums sittin behind the computer on that wack ass fashion site that died four years ago. Bitch you wish you could be in Kalenna’s spot that’s why you hatin, ugly mutt face hoe!


    b Reply:

    @JeremyDanteAlwaysHatin, lmao u toooo funny for ur comment and name!!! This shit is dope tho VERY refreshing swag for a singer.. #jeremySucksAzz


  5. yuppitsme69

    i like the song its not better than go to work


  6. Flowz

    Kalenna is one of the most innovative song writers in the game. Her music is so fresh I love it!


  7. Brandon

    That shit is hott!



    eh, its ok.


  9. Kalub

    WACK editing on that video. And those lips were all kinda crooked.


  10. woohoo

    this shit goes hard, produced by who ??


  11. mr. Ahhh-Iveyz

    why are them artist doing mixtape Cd?


  12. nicegirl

    It’s alright.


  13. juicybear

    me likey!!!


  14. MusiqLover

    Damn. I love this.


  15. hautmess

    She bring R&B back and this is fiyah..


  16. Javis

    This gonna b a hot banger comin, cant wait!


  17. Dismissed



  18. jaa

    i like it!!!!!! want more though


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