New Music: Frank Ocean – ‘Voodoo’

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean casts a spell on the enchanting “Voodoo,” which he released via his Tumblr page. The Odd Future crooner sings about a couple whose love is the only thing that remains true in darker times.

“She’s got the whole wide world in her juicy fruit/ He’s got the whole wide world in his pants,” he effortlessly sings on the 97-second track.

Frank is cooking up more “sonic goodies” like this for his Def Jam debut, due this spring.

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  1. The Music Messiah

    I have yet to be disappointed by this man. Is he really the future of R&B? I think so!


  2. YOYO

    Loooove this guy. But songs are too short. keeps me wanting MORE!!


  3. dexlovesrih

    omg!seriously i thought it was just a snippet!ughhh..i love it!mad its so short though!


  4. Tootall

    Does he ever make 3min songs?


    Real Issh Reply:

    @Tootall, Lonny Breaux mixtape has it ALL .


  5. Jojo

    That shit kray! FUCK U TOOTall, fagget


  6. Ice

    I love the vibe of this song, it took me back to the late 90s, early 2000s.


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  8. G20

    Dissapointed tbh starts well just fades away, the weeknd is definitely hotter in the game right now


    I Reply:

    @G20, the weekend?? hotter in the game?? HA you must’ve forgot Frank Ocean does the hook for ‘No church in the wild”


    G20 Reply:

    @I, I meant music wise, in the industry frank oceans definitely bigger, I hear the weeknds working with some major people for his album though


  9. Songstress

    Awesome !


  10. Miszi

    Really nice,love the vibe, wish it was longer though. He just might be my 2nd favourite R&B aritst right after Chris Brown :D.


  11. Mike

    Blahhh.. I get he’s the “new kid” but nothing spectacular





  13. coolio

    His VOICE <3


  14. nicegirl

    Love it!! He is certainly one to look out for.


  15. Hugh

    LOVE this guy.

    Cool with the minute songs too. Warming up for the single


  16. collaboy

    get a complete song out,negro


  17. BLAZE

    This song is too short but still good I can’t wait when his album drop


  18. @renatapoet

    He has really grown on me, I love it.


  19. Bloom

    It’s short on purpose. But that aside this song is just soo gorgeous that it’s crazy… Just grabs u by the heart. The lyrics and the subtle words in his voice … Uh… Frank u are the best


  20. jackswagger

    song is smooth AF.., i dont listen to alot of R&B


    jackswagger Reply:

    @jackswagger, BUT i could ride to this…


  21. stel

    this beat. PURE ECSTASY. #naturalhigh


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