Iggy Azalea Sizzles at San Francisco Show [Video]

Iggy Azalea

Fresh off signing to Interscope Records, Iggy Azalea celebrated at an intimate concert in San Francisco on Friday night. The Australian raptress hit the stage to a packed house at 330 Ritch, performing her Ignorant Art mixtape cuts including “Pu$$y,” “My World,” and “Hello.” Rocking a sleeveless Tupac shirt, she whipped her blonde ponytail around as the crowd rapped along.

Iggy’s new label boss Jimmy Iovine has boldly compared her to her idol. “He’s crazy. He’s like, ‘You’re the next Tupac!’” she told Billboard. “I’m like you’re absolutely insane. But I love it!”

[Above Ground]

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  1. Kwayzee



    REAL TALK Reply:

    @Kwayzee, a fuggggginnn digrace…Jimmy Iovine should kill hisself for comparing this trash to a legend.especially Pac…this completely confirms that white people no nothing about hip-hip….smdh


  2. Cainan



  3. karmajones

    Tupac though? She reminds me more of Gwen Stefani.. ijs


    Sharpie Reply:

    Yeah…I think he was gassing her @ that point to get her to sign. In no way do I see that, but I do like her.


  4. QueenBeeFanatic

    She is coming up quite fast tbh. Good for her :)


  5. Ray

    She has come up fast, hope she doesnt turn out like Kreayshawn and die out. Although I have faith in Iggy :)


  6. female rap fan

    Nicki Minaj + Iggy Azalea + Azalea Banks = 21rst Century Rap Royalty.


    Sharpie Reply:

    @female rap fan,


  7. CarlosBonegro

    i hope someone smacks jimmy iovine for comparing her to tupac stupid ass dude what was he smoking


  8. :l

    it,s that her hype man..because he is going in.


  9. lil

    Bad, nothing of artist


  10. soulrap

    She’s so bad I particularly don’t like not at all


  11. trurap

    illusion never be like a star


  12. stopbit

    I think she’s a clone of mr. bad, lol, that girl have no art for the true hip hop


  13. Tiago

    No words, it’s so bad


  14. Iggy Azalea Performs “Hello” x “My World” Live At 330 Rich In San Francisco [Videos/Pics]

    [...] at Rap-Up. Pics [...]

  15. Songstress

    I LOVE IGGY = ) PS She tweeted me ; )

    I’m excited for her debut ! I see ya’ll hatting ass fucks !!!!


  16. Yeah

    She baaaaaaaad.


  17. DerrtyMC

    Who is this? She’s ugly as hell too…


  18. ooooohhhhh

    Who is the rapper, the girl or the guy b/c I can hear him but her not a word. Her voice is too soft. Don’t know what the hell she saying. The guy should get a reord deal lmao!


  19. ooooohhhhh

    oh my bad I heard her say my Bitch! ok now.


  20. blv

    ummm did anyone take a look at the audience???…all I see is white people that probably dont know shit bout hip-hop lmfao!!..lets see how she does!


    gagaqueen Reply:


    Why does race even matter with music? You a dumb shit.

    I know black people who are more knowledgable about rock music than white people. I know white people who know more about house than asians.

    Eminem has a lot of white fans.. Just like Kanye has a lot of white, spanish, and asian fans.. What’s your point?



  21. GiftedSince92


    Your comment is IGNORANT. All people from all RACES know hip-hop. Seriously, and so what if some of them didn’t know. Is that a crime? They like her music like everyone does. Does it matter if the audience is white? Shows you have no sense whatsoever. She will do FINE.


  22. blv

    im just saying i hope true hip-hop fans embrace her!!!!


  23. nicegirl

    Race has nothing to do with it. I hardly like any white artists, really just Eminem, Robin Thicke in hip hop r&b. Most artists I like are black, 2Pac, Jay Z, Kanye, Bey, Biggie, Nas.

    Iggy should not be compared to 2pac at all. 2pac is a legend and talked about real stuff. Iggy, she’s alright, but will not be nearly as successful as 2pac and her music is nowhere near as good as his.


  24. Tyler

    Chile shut the hell up tupac is gone…

    My point is how are you going to tell someone they are not going to be more successful than anyone?? I respect the greats but this is a world where nothing is impossible everyone has an equal opportunity to do better than the greats or sell more than them….. In sure ppl were saying destiny child would NEVER outsel the greats such as the supremes and tlc but they did… Just because you a legend don’t mean u can’t be replaced…


    nicegirl Reply:

    @Tyler, I’m just sayin that if Iggy continues to make the music she’s doing right now, with songs like Pussy, she will not be as respected as 2pac, so thats why she shouldn’t be compared to him.

    2pac was known for his lyrics and what he talked about. She may outsell him (probably not) but she won’t be the legend 2pac is (unless she makes changes to her music).


  25. Jose

    that’s asap rocky’s shorty and he’s trill as fuck, so i fucks with iggy.


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