Drake Shows Off Canadian Pride at NHL All-Star Game [Video]


Drake wore his Canadian pride on his sleeve while attending the 2012 NHL All-Star Game at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Canada, on Sunday (Jan. 29). Sporting a custom NHL jersey with his name on it, the Toronto native took the ice to perform his hit “Headlines.”

“If you’re proud to be Canadian tonight, I want to hear you make some noise one time. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Drake, I grew up on the sport that we are here celebrating this evening, and this is one of the greatest honors I’ve ever received,” said the hip-hop star, who also visited the players in the locker room.

“I grew up playing hockey. I used to play right wing,” said a gracious Drizzy as he shook hands and took photos with the all-stars, who were equally excited to meet him.

Drake Performs “Headlines”

Drake Meets NHL Players

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    thas dope…he got that


  2. yezzir

    that was pretty damn nice !


  3. DrakeNickiOVO

    I loved the performance! So much fun to watch.


  4. Shawn

    Drake is so fake… lol “Ooh I need that one for the house!”


    jojo Reply:

    @Shawn, dats called being humble homes


    Moneybanger Reply:

    @Shawn, Nobody messes with Drake, or my nigga JoJo.


  5. Drake Performs Headlines At NHL All-Star Game | The Celebrity Inc.

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  6. dave

    the chain was odd


  7. illerbrown

    canada dry


  8. me

    looks stupid


  9. IamDeezy

    There’s too many black people in that locker room. Half of them players probably don’t even know who Drake is. lmao


    OVOXO Reply:

    @IamDeezy, They know, they know, they know


  10. shakeLIFE

    bow for the gawd…



  11. dia

    so proud what a honor 4 canadians


  12. nicegirl

    Performance was alright. Why does Drake act so awkward?


  13. Shawn

    @JoJo are you Drake’s backup or something? oh.


  14. Audrey Hepburn

    Weaker than a wet napkin. True Story.


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