Ashanti Moves Past ‘Black Cloud,’ Takes Control of Her Career


Blue skies are ahead for Ashanti. After a fallout with her former label Murder Inc., the R&B princess picked up the pieces and launched her own label, Written Entertainment. In an interview with “Access Hollywood Live,” the 31-year-old entertainer spoke about moving past the darker days and taking her career into her own hands.

“The label I was with kinda fell under an indictment and that actually put a hold on everything,” explained Ashanti, who will release her first album since 2008’s The Declaration this year. “It was like a black cloud that I had to kinda come out of and we had to do a lot of damage control. I felt that I wanted to distance myself from that.

“I did Broadway, I did some films, I did John Tucker Must Die, I did Resident Evil. I just had to regroup and say we’re gonna have a fresh start and I’m gonna try to put my business hat on and try to look for a different angle to approach the music. The industry was changing dramatically in those past three years.”

The businesswoman learned some valuable lessons along the way. “Being with the major [label] taught me that I needed a way bigger percentage than what they were giving me,” said Ashanti. “It’s about the profit sharing now and everything is digital and I’m cutting my own deal with iTunes. It’s about learning the behind the scenes to become a better businesswoman.”

Ashanti’s fifth album is due this summer on Written Entertainment/eOne. The first single, “The Woman You Love” featuring Busta Rhymes, is available now on iTunes.

[Written by Ashanti]

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  1. M.G

    The money is behind the scenes and digital now. All the best Ashanti! :)


  2. rnblover

    Just GORGEOUS!


  3. newly

    SHe is about to be on top once again


  4. Thefirstlady

    I Think tis is going to be her year I am hoping the best,Because she is a sweet girl


  5. junky



    she_da_one Reply:

    @junky, u sound ignorant af ya mutha’s fat stupid hoe


  6. meg

    gorgeous!!! I love her hair and earrings.


  7. James

    I love her sooo much! God bless you and yours Ashanti!


  8. Will

    so happy for Ashanti… i will go buy the song on itunes right now because i support her hustlle !


  9. Brina

    Ashanti looks beautiful and can’t for the new album will be getting it!!!:) #teamashanti all day!!


  10. Trent

    She looks Ova love the hair and dress Earrings was hott Welcome Back Ashanti


  11. Rap*

    She did those movies b4 TD.


    Nelz Reply:

    @Rap*, murder inc troubles started before TD


    Rap* Reply:


    I know but they asked about the past 3 years and she talked about movies fromn 06 and 07.


  12. She Be Killin Em

    Ashanti is very smart i really want to see her win once again. I think cause of the whole Murder Inc situation she basically had to start from scratch cause its definately haulted her career as far as where she was before. Lets not forget she was the first female artist in the history of Billboard and Soundscan to Debut with over 500,000 in the first week of release which is just unheard of plus she had 2 singles #1 and 2 simutaneously. She is still one of the biggest female artists ever in my opinion and is one of the most original artists in the industry. This album will put her back on top once again i can feel it.


  13. Trina

    I loved Ashanti since she first started. I’m glad she’s finally away from Murder inc. At the beginning of her career everything seemed like it was going so well for her. But once er label had federal and Gunit issues it seems like she was excluded from everythinf. It awkward too because she portrays a female R&B singer not some “Wannabe” gangsta clique that Murder inc tried to portray.


  14. Word Up

    The Woman You Love is by far the best song out right now i really hope it it does well on Billboard. Request at your local radio stations peeps.


  15. Truth

    Ashanti is in the best possible label situation that an artist could be in she has her own and Eone Music is distributing which means she will be getting way bigger checks compared to what a Major Label would give. She is going to put real music back where it needs to be cause lord knows im tired of hearing all this pop/techno crap thats on the radio.


  16. Cece

    I am so happy for her. 2012 will be her year


  17. Dave

    I really respect her for this. She really got her stuff together.


  18. Kyle

    I’ve always praised her for her positive attitude and optimistic outlook on everything. Now that she is taking control of her own career from a business stand point, I respect her so much. I can’t believe she’s 31 years old now. It’s so crazy that all my favorite artists that I listened to it middle school and high school are now getting into their 30′s!


  19. @iJustOriginate

    So proud of her. Can’t wait!



    she looks beautiful!


  21. Songstress

    Yesss Ashanti, for everyone who hatted on her in the past….smh…this woman is about her business and she about to hold her ish down 100%


  22. she_da_one

    I love Ashanti so much omg love this woman!


  23. Chicago

    Ashanti should replace Paula Abdul on the USA X-Factor.


  24. nicegirl

    She looks great. Can’t wait to hear more music from her.


  25. TheMan

    Actually all of the money isn’t in being digital, unless she means, videos,singles,streams. As far as album sales go physical sales are huge. Most r&b artists don’t have huge mainstream digital singles. She needs a hit album/smash single. The only thing with an indie label is that they sometimes don’t have the funds. With a major you get that big machine behind you.


  26. bar

    lol i love this site, so glad its not like flopped mediatakeout or wack ass grape juice where people who so called “don’t like a artist” go on there articles and post nothing but negativity. I love ashanti and i have been a fan since 2001 and i will always be til i leave this earth she always stays true never had to switch up her music like most artist and produce that generic popcorn bullshit that’s brainwashing these peoples sad minds. She will be back on top once again i see nothing but positive things happening this year for this beautiful woman she has movies coming, CD, runnning her own label and lots more coming and im glad shes not with that wack murder inc label anymore they really downplayed this woman’s voice to the max, that it made people think she couldn’t sing but she can! if any doubts go and check out her singing 2 whitney songs live in milasia(not sure if i spelled it correctly) but she can blow (LIVE) unlike other artist who have to lip sync these days to stay relevant. But ya 2 thumbs up for the new single im loving that joint and i see its rising which is definitely great! and i heard the video shoot was crazy and the video will be great! cant wait to see it and i also know she has a surprise major performance coming up very soon and i think i have a clue lol but ya follow this very beautiful, intelligent,true black woman now on twitter @ashanti and get updates on wats to come for the princess of HipHop and R&B. #2012 IS ASHANTI YEAR. #LEGGO


  27. smiley 123

    Ashanti is gorgeous and I hope she has a great year. I agree Chicago she should be a x Factor judge and it’s time for her to shine.


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