Common Drops Two New Freestyles in Philly


Common breezes through Philly with two new freestyles on Cosmic Kev’s “Come Up Show.” The Chi-town lyricist rhymes over something old (Jay-Z’s “Streets Is Watching”) and something new (French Montana’s “Shot Caller”). Check his flow.

“Streets Is Watching”

“Shot Caller”


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  1. my name is oo



    kels Reply:

    @my name is oo, i’m guessing u r a drake fan


    XO till we overdose Reply:

    @kels, don’t generalize. i’m a drake fan and i still recognize common as top tier lyricist.


    Real G Reply:

    @XO till we overdose, oh ok then ur just an idiot..


    Dale Reply:

    @my name is oo, You are a massive FLOP for even posting here w/the nonense. You pressed Drake stans will not succeed in ruining the culture. Instead you’re just showing how little you know about true emceeing!

    When has Drake ever been able to freestyle without a blackberry? when has he ever owned up to his sub-disses and not ran for the hills the sh*t hits the fan? He stays throwing rocks & hides his hands via his PR team. Now THAT’S a flop!


  2. Common Drops Two New Freestyles in Philly

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  3. Mike

    A true emcee! Thanks for staying true the culture.


  4. nicegirl

    In my opinion, one of the best freestylers.


  5. Real G

    Common killin right now…all these wack no nothing about hip hop drake fans need to fall back..


  6. Dale

    Common is the TRUTH! I don’t even currr….Who else is dropping freestyle after freestyle and off the dome like him??

    He remains one of the best & realest in the game with a true heart for the culture! #Homagepaid!


  7. Mireli

    thank you for the flp i have been trying to furige out that pitch bend thing on the guitar for the longest, now i see you can have slides in the piano roll, flp’s are great for learning!


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