New Music: Esperanza Spalding – ‘Black Gold’

Radio Music Society

Best New Artist Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding strikes gold again on “Black Gold,” the first single from her upcoming album, Radio Music Society. The jazz songstress and bass virtuoso empowers on the triumphant tune, which includes vocals from neo-soul singer Algebra. An accompanying video will premiere today on “106 & Park,” while the project is set to feature Q-Tip, who co-produced and performs on two tracks.

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  1. Yeah

    love it


  2. Curt

    Very nice!!


  3. Runt

    I wondered what happened to her after she won. I really like this!! :)


  4. Booming

    At last, real music by real musicians.


  5. WillNomNoms

    This is mad chill with a laid back sound and some really poignant lyrics. Real music. Wow.


  6. elsa

    Cute but anywho NEW YOUNG MONEY ARTIST? Thats what they’re saying, and now “The Phantom” is making cover vids to start his promo!


  7. Audrey Hepburn

    I love her music. L.O.V.E. :)


  8. jay

    this is great! she is lovely!


  9. ThankMeLater

    LOOOOL The girl who took that grammy from Justin. I’m feeling this.


  10. dawn

    this is on instant replay i need the ring tone


  11. JOEL

    who the hell cares this BITCH!!!


    Real G Reply:

    @JOEL, ??? nice try..hate a lil better


    BlackGold Reply:

    @JOEL, lol are you tired of being used as a foot stool, and door mat eh? Hating will only keep you down. so if you like being used like a you’re a worthless piece of sh*t, then hate all you want. On a brighter note, I’m feeling this track from ms. Spalding. Welcome BACK!! :)


  12. nicegirl

    Great song. Glad she won the award over Justin :)


  13. Hugh


    RnB soul done right


  14. Al Hixon

    love the lyrics, love the arrangements, love the vocals…great song “E”, love & music Al Hixon


    Kenny A. Reply:

    I love this song


  15. Say word

    Her voice is magnificent. I love this. Can we get a remix with Janelle monae?


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