Video: Brianna Perry – ‘Marilyn Monroe’


Brianna Perry proves that blondes have more fun in the video for “Marilyn Monroe,” the ladies’ anthem off her mixtape Face Off. The 20-year-old Miami raptress, who cites Trina and Missy Elliott as influences, primps and pouts while channeling the blonde Hollywood starlet in the clip.

“My music is distinctive and matchless. I have my own lane and I’m going full throttle,” said Brianna, who was formerly signed to Missy’s Goldmind label and appeared on her TV show “Road to Stardom.” “My brand is a breath of fresh air and I’m here to attack the game from every angle I possibly can.”

Brianna is prepping her debut for release on Poe Boy/Atlantic.

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  1. Dexlovesrih!

    I like!


  2. FEENA



  3. SAFF

    Marilyn-Monroe or Be-Yonce! Lmao


    KillBill92 Reply:

    @SAFF, Don’t even try it///////


    Real Issh Reply:

    @KillBill92, HYFR !


  4. Songstress

    I couldn’t even watch the entire video….if you’re going to use “Marilyn Monroe” as a title of a song PLEASEEE let the song be hot & more WOMANLY…I felt like I was watching one of RuPauls Drag Race contestants !


  5. @KingKhalilME_

    the song is catchy but she gotta come harder!


  6. Rich

    that is not rap. it’s more like a 3:39 long interlude.

    and she looks like a drag queen impersonating ciara.


  7. Truth

    How did this make it on to Rap-up lmao and yall never post videos from worldstar haahaha.


  8. concerned listener

    That’s one of the worst lace fronts I’ve ever seen, she shouldn’t have been allowed on set! smmfh


  9. Brandon

    I like it…it’s all good n different


  10. sucka4luv143

    This chick is giving me a lot of Tyra Sanchez (Drag Queen…) and a broke Trina. Lace Front game is crazy WHACK!!! Sit down.


  11. Oh Please

    she’s a good looking girl but that wig is not….lol


  12. Marcus

    Her lace front is all wrong….Cuz she rachet


  13. H-Town

    Interesting.. let’s see what else she can bring, good start though.


  14. @iJustOriginate

    I’ve always loved her flow. Hopefully she has more in store. I really like this video though


  15. cutiegurl106

    honestly, what is wrong with black people these days wearing blonde wigs most cant even pull it off and it just looks bad. YOUR NOT WHITE!!!!


  16. Janae

    She’s gud But she need to get some tips from Trina on how to wear lacefronts. She’s pretty but that blonde make her not cute


  17. Royaleeeee

    She look a blonde mess & the song is very repetitive. She needs a LOT of tips from Trina. This cant be female rap, i’ll stick with Nicki, Missy & Iggy #TeamMinaj #TeamIggy


  18. malikMJdope

    She bit off Beyonce’s whole Part video and evensome of her looks , but the songs dope it has catchy bars dont see her going far tho


  19. LK

    i think this girl is beautiful, the blonde hair looks great on her.. maybe the quality can come up a lil but in time it will. THE song on the other hand is SO BAD. her remixes of rack city & niggas in paris are soooo good. this song is disappointing





  21. Sassyandclassy

    This girl is hot and the song dope I need a new chick cause Nicki sound stupid and look stupid let this girl shine u haters she DOPE 2 me


  22. Sassyandclassy

    Marilyn Monroe is a dope song and I like Brianna she is a real Diva the fuck y’all hating so hard for bitches stop she mad fly


  23. Anon

    What a way to start off Black History Month. Marilyn Monroe? What has MM ever done for Black women that she should be given this honor? Like Minaj’s shout-out to Anna Nicole Smith. Didn’t understand that either. Just started re-reading Black Women in White America [edited by Gerda Lerner],good starting point for those still interested in a more diverse understanding of Black women in America. Both rappers are still young though and I wish them the best.


    ? Reply:

    @Anon, Exactly ! and she looks tranny anyway


  24. nicegirl

    Sorry, but this is so bad.


  25. Dina

    this song is all fun, like when you want to get silly with your girls, that’s the kinda stuff you would put on.
    But is Brianna a transexual? im confused.


  26. Tizzy not the least Dizzie? Brianna look at yourself or can you?

    Brianna your trying, to get attention? Hello, you’ll say this bitch is tripping. No Brianna your
    clone didn’t misspell. Marilyn the physical attraction since annivesary 50yrs. Since death society refuse allow clone. To replace, the remembrance icon Marilyn. Also whom, styled this
    trannie? Typical sweet bitch enhancing so called.

    Femme allure this old attention. Icon doesn’t need
    reintroduction Brianna. Indirectly your trying to
    be whom. Black fashion Beyonce the signature label.
    Madonna enhance with romance Marilyn’s image. And
    was damn good at it. Brianna find your look not to.
    Mistook for being a clone! Brianna platinum? Harsh!

    Get over it your ugly chick. Are you a woman or
    trannie! Blond is not becoming on you! Brianna find
    yourself comments majority. Negative your fake Beyonce want to be. Check yourself cheap attire okay


  27. Honey

    Humor nothing more: to adore. Brianna were did
    you get the lyrics? Hello besides image is not
    becoming. For African market they assume. Your
    mimic Rapual or Beyonce and Mary J. Sista wearing
    blond locks have seen this before. Brianna you be
    Rapual’s stand end your “skinny”. Whom thinks she
    Ms. Hotstuff. Publicity gotten you mass full. Of
    objections sorry public don’t buy it. Beyonce and
    Rihanna looks better. Would never even attempt to
    low rate. There careers to emulate another. Star!


  28. Google_Me

    I like Brianna – but this song is sorta lame , coming for a big fan that wants her to get signed to Grand Huslte …. She needs to come way harder …

    * Looks don’t matter , as long as she can spit fire !!


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