J. Cole, Nicki Minaj Share Road to the Grammys [Video]

J. Cole

J. Cole and Nicki Minaj will compete for Best New Artist at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on February 12. The superstar rappers shared their journey to the Grammys in a video series presented by Pepsi and Pandora.

Before the “Work Out” MC was signed to Roc Nation, he was a college kid trying to get his CD in Jay-Z’s hands. He describes moving to the big city and being rejected by Jay the first time they met.

“Being the first artist signed to Roc Nation, there’s a lot of pressure that rides on it, a lot of expectations,” said the North Carolina native. “That’s how I work, I work off motivation. I’m about to really kill the game ’cause I’m prepared.”

Four-time nominee Nicki, who will perform at this year’s show, is just happy to be nominated. “I’m not going to be nervous about winning ’cause I really don’t think I’m gonna win anything,” said the pink-haired diva. “I know eventually in my career I’m gonna have Grammys. This year is just about being nominated and feeling grateful.”

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  1. Kurtisshane.

    Nicki is so fucking humble and just relaxed. She deserves the Grammy for best new artist for sure. Rap album will be heavy, but i think New Artist has her name all over. She did so much this year that no one can deny like her our not she is carving her legendary lane out for female MCs.


    NoNONO Reply:

    @Kurtisshane., Nicki humble? Look at how she treets legends that paved the way for her like Lil’ Kim…. Personally I love Nicki but she is not humble.
    I think that J Cole should win, but I still love Nicki.


    uhuh Reply:

    @NoNONO, they’ll give it to some1 unexpected as usual


    dave Reply:

    @uhuh, exactly


    Kurtisshane. Reply:

    @NoNONO, Nicki never once stated kims name until kim saw Nicki was a threat and was growing and she could use Nicki to keep shine on her name. If you want to use someones name to gain shine do it in a positive manner. When people ask nicki about kim or to speak on the beef this chick has not said anything or even dropped names. With the exception of the hot 97 interview nicki keeps herself humble and chill and just do her.


  2. @iJustOrigiNate

    Wow! They’re both really great artist. But I believe Nicki should get it.


  3. jeff

    Nicki Minaj definitely deserves to win some Grammy’s because she has did something to hip hop that has created a branch between pop music and hip hop. She has made it okay for rappers to step out of their boundaries and take on pop records and still be able to manage to be on top of the r&b charts! I love this woman!


    @iJustOrigiNate Reply:

    @jeff, I fully agree. She’s really come a long way and has put in a lot of effort


    Jorge Reply:

    @jeff, Kind of true. Kanye West started that and has influenced others like Nicki, Drake, Cole, Cudi and many other new artists to try something different.


    Shade Reply:

    @jeff, she didnt create a branch between pop and rap..pop can be apar of anything always has always will and hip hop should stay far away from it


  4. Roman

    Nicki don’t be modest honey. In your ‘Turn Me On’ video all them bald headed mannequins was pissed cuz’ you been snatching wigs.

    Nicki gonna win them grammy’s and she don’t gotta share it with anyone.

    Like you-know-who has to share it with Christina, Mya, and Pink.


  5. tb

    hope my boy cole bring dat thang home it’ll be well deserved. luv dat guy


  6. thelonelyboner//tumblr

    I think Nicki should win because she has brought female rap back. I know, some may say that Nicki sings and rappers don’t do that, but Missy Elliot did it, Lauryn Hill and so forth. Before Nicki minaj, it was rare to see a GOOD female Rap/Hip-Hop artist doing something. Now you see, Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks, Kreayshawn, and so one… Nicki has revived female rap whether people want to admit it or not, and for that alone should be a reason for her to win the grammy.

    But knowing the Grammys, they will probably give it to skrillex, or someone super unusual


    Jaymalls Reply:

    Skrillex > Nicki Minaj by far… Two levels of genius so don’t try n throw my white nigga under the bus!

    P.S. J.Cole should take it!!!


  7. H-Town

    I would prefer J.Cole, but the peeps with concrete lyrical content and those most deserving don’t always come out on top at the Grammy’s. Hope they get it right this time around though. #ColeWorld


  8. Royaleeeee

    Nicki Minaj put in a lot of work to be where shes at. Female rap didnt have strong voice until Nicki Minaj came around. Nicki Minaj is the epitomy of a Best New Artist so if she doesnt win that theres no hope for The Grammys Come on now she has worked with Madonna, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Usher, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem, Ludacris, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna just to name a few. But grammy or not Nicki Minaj already won!


  9. illerbrown

    Cole World.. Lets go get that grammy


  10. flawda

    The shyt that Nicki Minaj is doing is not hiphop, stop the damn nonsense. She is a image and gimmick based artist, the proof is in the pudding that 4 years ago when she dressed normally and rapped normally no one paid any attention to her. She got a gimmick and appealed to simple minded lost black girls who need someone to look up to.

    J Cole is easilly a better artist and mc than GIMMICKY MINAJ. He build his career off making real music and not having to use his mentor or sexuality as a crutch.

    Please stop calling the phuckery that Nicki does hiphop. Lauryn Hill is hiphop, Nicki is just another trendy artist like how Ja Rule, Nelly, etc were who won’t be around in 3 years.


    UR2FUNNY Reply:

    @flawda, Lauryn hill is 90′s hiphop..nicki minaj is today hiphop..GGGEEETTT OOVVEERR IIITTTT!


  11. Word of advice

    J Cole ,
    Nigga fix yo teeth !!!!!!


  12. uh....hold up lil boo

    The BAND PERRY will win. don’t start this again this year, just how Esperanza Spalding won last year.



    I LOVE NIKKI!!!!!

    But hey… did u get sum lip work done???

    if u did? LUVZZZ iiT! ;)


  14. drew

    Nicki dominated female rap…in a time where there was ABSOLUTELY no competition. Any decent female rapper could’ve done what she did…..


    ed Reply:

    @drew, but why didn’t they? oh.


  15. mnm

    i hope she wins so Kim fans can no longer use “but Kim has a grammy” as an excuse for her disappearance from the face of the earth.


  16. Triniti

    These Nicki Minaj stans are out there.

    J. Cole had damn near no promotion and went GOLD…enough said!

    If he doesn’t win, it should go to The Band Perry, for sure.


  17. isaac1818

    Both are great artist! I can’t be mad at either of them if they win. It’s great to see young people doing well. But Nicki has done a ton in Music/pop culture in the last year. J.cole seems like he is a nice guy who is living out his dreams. You can’t be mad at neither. They both came from the underground mixtape world. So the best of luck to them both !


  18. Ron'Do

    JCole or Nicki will not walk away with the Grammy. But if it was between those two it def would be JCole. Nicki raps about anything that comes to her head, it doesn’t have any value or meaning behind it. The Grammys recognize real music and a real message and real talent; not no boom boom bass!


  19. nicegirl

    I want to see J Cole win the Grammy. He has a lot of depth in his music and his debut had really great songs on there.


  20. Hugh

    Hope Nicki wins at least 2

    Very deserving of best new artist


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