New Music: David Banner f/ Chris Brown & A$AP Rocky – ‘Yao Ming (Remix)’

Chris Brown, David Banner, and A$AP Rocky

Chris Brown jumps on the remix to David Banner’s latest single “Yao Ming” aka “Look at My Daddy,” which also features self-proclaimed “pretty boy” A$AP Rocky. “Jungle better be shaved ’cause I ain’t fu**in’ wildlife,” Breezy hysterically raps on his verse. Rap’s new kid on the block, A$AP, proves the hype is real with his bars and Banner still proclaims, “Bitch I’m tall as Yao Ming!” Now that’s a slam dunk.

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  1. CBE



    BobbyBorisovvv Reply:

    @CBE, You need to stop commentin


    Stephanie.M.W Reply:

    @BobbyBorisovvv, LMFAOO TOO FUNNY!!


    :o Reply:

    @CBE, Hes good at it! Why would he stop?


    CarlosBonegro Reply:

    @CBE, agreed its blatent chris brown stans tryna say his good at rapping smh they are no better than justin bieber stans


    Stre3t Danc@ Reply:

    @CBE, is your nickname related to what think it is? Please, just STFU & take a sit.


    real CBE Reply:

    @CBE, Bitch stop using that name and talking shit chris can rap whenever he wants.

    CBE LEGGO!!!


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  3. Stephanie.M.W

    This Shit Sounds Nice!! IDGAF What Anybody Says Chris Got Rapping Skills.. But He Should Stick To Singing. Chris Is Just Too Talented!!


  4. Yeah

    yes they finally released CB’s verse in CDQ, its been out as a snippet with tags, he killed it


  5. CarlosBonegro

    from when david banner diss odd future about saying swag and whatever his been a dead artist but the fact his done the song with AsAP Rocky whos got a hit song called purple SWAG just proves his a fool.
    Chris Brown cant rap end of, his singing skills are unreal doe.
    ASAP Rocky is the f-ing man doe dont like this beat doe


    joey Reply:

    @CarlosBonegro, oh really doe?


  6. nicegirl

    This songs sounds awful and Chris didn’t make it any better.


  7. Selina

    Chris should, just stick onto singing but he’s still sick at rapping!!!


  8. Stre3t Danc@

    Chris is always killing his verses!!


  9. Dizzydae



  10. Kayla

    This song goes hard! Chris and A$AP killed it! David Banner wasn’t really needed in my opinion.


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