Pharrell Talks Oscars Gig, Lupe Fiasco Joint Album, & Jay-Z’s ‘Glory’


Pharrell is a man of few words. The musical maestro was not particularly forthcoming in his interview with GQ, but the magazine still tried its best to get the scoop on his upcoming gig as a music consultant for the 84th Annual Academy Awards, his secretive joint album with Lupe Fiasco, his Billionaire Girls Club clothing line, and his production on “Glory,” Jay-Z’s dedication to his daughter Blue Ivy Carter. “That was another covert operation,” said P. Read on to see what he had to say.

On scoring the Oscars alongside composer Hans Zimmerman: “We have to reinterpret some of the music for the nominees. We have to do other music as well that is at times new and original and at others borrowing from movie scenes. … Hans and I have tried to keep it under wraps so that there’s literally no expectation and people are excited about the stuff we’re cooking. We’re thinking beyond the usual standards.”

On his upcoming travel book Places & Spaces I’ve Been: “It’s just things and people that have moved me and inspired me around the world and that I am also honored to know.”

On his BBC line for women: “It’s definitely us. It’s signature us. It’s awesome. … It may be in the middle of ’13. But you’ll be seeing hints of it in the marketplace in 2012.”

On his collaborative album with Lupe Fiasco: “I can’t talk about that. Lupe is my man and whatever we’re talking about we can’t really discuss and get into right now. We’re talking about some very interesting things.”

On producing Jay-Z’s “Glory”: “Uh, that was awesome. But again, that was another covert operation.”

On adding Blue Ivy’s cries at the end of the song: “That was, uh… That was, um… Everything was by design. That’s all I’ll say.”

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  1. cece

    i love that bey and jay make sure that they keep tjose lips sealed about blue ivy. yessss!!!


  2. jay_juvenile

    nothing but love for pharrel..


  3. Jay

    I cannot wait to hear some new music from him.


  4. nicegirl

    I was thinking how did they put Blue’s cries on the song when Jay was still in hospital?? Either way he did a great job on that song and I love that album with both Lupe and him will be great.


    BlackDiamondzBaby Reply:

    He recorded Blue’s cries at hospital, and then, when he came back to studio, he put the records on the song. I think.


    nicegirl Reply:

    @BlackDiamondzBaby, But the song was released before Jay left the hospital?? I guess it doesn’t matter though, it’s a beautiful song.


  5. OOL Uh Uh

    That Glory situation seemed very shady. His choice of words were interesting: “covert operation, um, every thing was by design….that’s all I’ll say”



  6. mpreality


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  7. Rich

    ok Kanye is an idiot and ndbooy can argue that point. The guy thinks he deserves an award because he wakes up in the morning. Last year it was because he lost to BEP, this year he comments give a black man a chance? um wait i grew up in the era where Herbie Hancock got his start and unless a LOT has changed um hes black Kanye..and a HELL of a lot more talented than your bitchin ass. Wonder what he would do if he was grouped with Snoop, Ice-T, and 50 and lost maybe then he would realize ok race has nothing to do with it nah prolly not, it would be because the man voted for them because he was scared! Jimi theres talent listen to it Kanye. and do it with a sock in your mouth.


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