Video: M$ney f/ Omarion – ‘Restraint’

M$ney and Omarion

Omarion presents M$ney, the first atist signed to his Starworld label. The former B2K member co-stars in the video alongside the teen R&B singer, who was featured on “Fantasy” off Timbaland’s Shock Value. Despite having feelings for one another, the two try to keep their relationship strictly platonic, but will they be able to resist temptation?

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  1. jeremydante

    damn, m$ney did NOT take advantage of her moment of shine on timbalands album.


    mik Reply:

    @jeremydante, agreed.


    Logic Reply:

    @mik, Omarion still and could never sing to me..smh his voice is not sexy..shawty voice alright but this song……uummm


    Ouch! Reply:

    @jeremydante, She did, she actually came out with a good single back then, but I don’t think the label was backin’ her up with promotion and all that jazz…


  2. daym

    this beat sucks


  3. King R

    kinda expected more but i forgot its omarion lol feeling miss m$ney, like her style and sound. lil mini aaliyah :)


  4. kia

    this song make me think about drake and nicki because she always say drake is like her little brother but when they around each other they act like they are in love i know sb is nicki boyfriend but the way her and drizzy look at each other is nothing like it damn!


  5. b

    Damn I really liked it and was going to try n download, but then omarion had to join in


  6. me

    Boring song. Boring singer(s). Boring video. NEXT!


    Chiare Reply:

    @me, Yeah I agree


  7. wonderLand19

    I think the beat and vibe suited Omarion better than M$ney. I always wondered who was that guest vocalist on ‘Fantasy’. She sounds amazing on that song and very distintive. On this track, she sounds forgettable.
    I like her so she should continue. Hoply she delivers some Fresh and Modern R&B. Kudo’s to Omarion for starting his own label. Smart :D


  8. Rated Next >>>>>>

    This looks like something Omarion and Ciara should have done back in 04′

    Money should have really blew up on SV because she looks dated in this video.

    Am I the only one that noticed that she looked and acted more “Boyish” than “O” ?

    Im just saying…….


    Mr.awwweee Shhh Reply:

    @Rated Next >>>>>>, ture


  9. BLAZE

    It was cool she need some timbo tracks tho or polow her voice is nice an smooth


  10. Mr.awwweee Shhh

    her voice is Nice Look pretty cool in that video.


  11. BobbyBorisovvv



  12. Juiicyy

    i was boreddddddddddddd with the song and the video. I like her voice though but she needs a better song to showcase her voice better…. #justsayin


  13. nicegirl

    I love the song and the video.


  14. [Video] M$ney Ft. Omarion "Restraint" | Carlton Jordan

    [...] Source: Rap-Up [...]

  15. mj

    I really her and i’m glad to hear something new from her this time. just not with omarion


  16. pia

    I really love it.


  17. sucka4luv143

    Omarion looks like a damn fool in this video. Boring video. Like all the other reviews, I agree she should have made more of an effort once Timbo dropped his album. Fantasy was the ish!!


  18. Lisa

    There’s not much to say about the video, it was below average… Very basic. As for the song, I love Omarion’s vocals on this. M$ney doesn’t really activate any of my senses.

    I’m not for profanity when it comes to smooth slow jams like these. The ‘fucks’ and ‘nigga’ were uncalled for in my opinion.

    Overall, I thought it was alright. Not memorable.


  19. Chiare

    Shit, waz all rite, not good enough datz all I’m sayin.


  20. ruben mendoza

    this video slaps hard i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Say word

    Why does every r&b act have to curse nowadays. It takes away from the song, don’t you think?


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