Pharrell Catches a High with Wiz Khalifa In-Studio [Video]

Wiz Khalifa

Pharrell went up in smoke while working with Wiz Khalifa on his upcoming album O.N.I.F.C. (Only Ni**a in First Class).

“That’s some strong shit, man,” said Pharrell, who caught a high just from being around the weed smoker. “You one of us now,” Wiz told him.

Tyler, the Creator and Wiz’s Taylor Gang crew LoLa Monroe and Juicy J also stopped by their smoking sessions, which were aided by some gin.

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  1. Buster

    these cats are crazy as fuck!!!! Taylor Gang all day


  2. Keith

    I was telling wiz on Twitter That he should work with pharrell & he did!


    CarlosBonegro Reply:

    @Keith, this comment is funny hahaha


    Keep it simple Reply:

    @Keith, he’s always been meaning to work wit Pharrell. He says it all the time during interviews!


  3. shakeLIFE

    SMH Wiz with his out of control simping, and precipitous decline in musical quality, has made returning to Kush x OJ almost impossible. Shit hurts my heart to listen to Mesmerized… Ni99a lied to all of us. Gave us all advice nshit and just said fuck it imma do the exact opposite.
    fucc it JETS>>>>


  4. nicegirl

    Yes for Pharell working with Wiz Khalifa. No to the weed in the studio.


  5. Jay

    I got high hopes for this album, especially with Pharrell in the mix.


  6. Logic

    I think he gonna pull this project off! He knows that his last album was below average and people think he cant rap. Now he has something to prove again. hope its dope (pun intended)


  7. africanpride

    Wiz Khalifa last album was well reviewed. So am not sure what all u talking abt. Was No 11 on highest earnings list. Tgod


  8. jay_juvenile

    HAAAA!! TAYLOR GANG OR DIE NGGA.. pharell fuck with us too!


  9. jay_juvenile

    HAAAA!! this wats up!! TAYLOR GANG OR DIE NI99A!!.. pharell fck with us too!!


  10. Rap*

    i bet they were devilworshipping


  11. imANDR3

    i swear its fun working with wiz man!! cooking up a storm in the studio is what they doing (i cant waait!)


  12. chris

    i got a high watching this video,guess that weed must be telepathic


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