Rap-Up TV: Rita Ora Talks Roots, Roc Nation, & Rolling with Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Remember the name Rita Ora. The 21-year-old Albanian singer, who Rap-Up.com named one of 10 Artists to Watch, scored a deal with Roc Nation and is prepping her debut for release this summer with heavy-hitters including Drake, The-Dream, and Stargate.

During her recent trip to Los Angeles, Rap-Up TV caught up with the blonde bombshell for one of her first stateside interviews. She chatted about pursuing her dream at the age of six, growing up in the small town of Pristina, Kosovo, signing to Roc Nation, and getting guidance from her label boss Jay-Z.

“He’s very honest and he’s very genuine and helpful,” said Rita of Mr. Carter. “It’s a great voice to listen to. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

The London resident, who co-starred in the video for Drake’s “Over,” also shared her dreams of collaborating with Gwen Stefani (“Do you know how much I love that woman?”) and getting feedback from another one of her superstar idols, Beyoncé.

“She’s helped me out a lot. I try to play things and get her opinion,” said Rita, who appears on DJ Fresh’s single “Hot Right Now.” “To have one of the inspirations in your face while you’re doing your first album is just like what.”

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  1. Deangelo R.

    I love this girl, can’t wait for the album!


  2. Lolsmileyface

    How much does Roc Nation pay y’all to feature her?


  3. flawda

    How much does YMCMR pay every dj and website to feature their gimmicky ass artist?

    Rita Ora voice is dope, you would never think something so soulful and powerful would come out that tiny frame. Wish her the best of luck!


  4. gagalovesme

    She is going to be a HUGE star!


  5. KMart

    i think shes beautiful.

    but who else has notice that most of the roc nation stars are…lightskin? im not hating im just saying (the only one that i can think of who isnt is wale)

    good luck rita!!


    aight Reply:

    @KMart, why would we even notice that ?


    KMart Reply:

    @aight, because some people will notice, others won’t (simple question gets a simple answer). I just wondered how many others noticed that, that’s all.


    Big Sean Reply:

    @KMart, Melanie Fiona is quite dark skinned.


  6. BreezyLover

    We are so proud of our lil Albanian Girl!

    2012 is def. going to be Rita’s year!

    we <3 you!

    PS: she looks like Beyonces sister lol


  7. Lisa

    She has two of music’s most appreciated and acknowledged artists to guide her through this process, so hopefully she’ll take full advantage of that! Rita is a beautiful woman, with a raw sound and a sparkling personality. I think she is going to be all right.


  8. sbz

    She ok, I guess she’s more of a risk from Jay Z, no doubt shes talented, but she wont be big, maybe big but not big big, if you know what I mean.


  9. hovfan

    @sbz i disagree she is gonna be huge like the young beyonce of this generation she has a very powerful voice this kid is the truth


  10. Beestanbitch

    The only young artist dat have a chance to b close as bee is Alexis Jordan frm roc nation she has dat swag the voice eryhing . Rita Ora that’s the young lady Rihanna be swagger jaggin uh.she s cumin fo Rihanna spot lets get ready to rumbo


  11. nicegirl

    This girl is going to do big things, hopefully with Bey and Jay’s help.


  12. Hugh

    Looking forward to the album


  13. mr.bulie ivfffffty

    looking fwd to the album and hope she have some Good song in the Uk or us


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  15. Miss.Ora

    she will be huge


  16. craig do da segull



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  20. keishunna

    Better Riahnna but copie cat.


  21. Lucas Summers

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    I wouldn’t mind taking u out if I can for that matter really in all honesty. I can’t believe that u r still young and dead sexy. Could u give me your number if that’s alright to be honest with you.I think u should become a model or something really to be honest with u for that matter really in all respects if u ask me that is. I think u r extremely good looking and basically wouldn’t mind taking u to bed basically for that matter really.


  22. Lucas Summers

    love u Rita and think u r basically a sexy bitch basically for that matter really to be honest with u if u ask me that is.


  23. Lucas Summers

    Rita u r really talented and basically not only that but essenhtially u r essentialyl really attractive and look like Rhianna and Nicki Minaj for that matter to be honest with u for that matter to be honest with u essentially.


  24. Lucas Summers

    Rita I think u r amazing really to be honest with u if u ask me that is basically to be honest with u and wouldn’t mind taking u to bed if I could that is essentially for that matter really to be honest with u. I must omit I haven’t seen u as sexy as that before to be honest with u.


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