Video: Rick Ross – ‘Yella Diamonds’

Rick Ross

Rick Ross feeds the streets with another video off his mixtape Rich Forever. In the crime-ridden clip for “Yella Diamonds,” “El Gordito Rozay” plays a drug kingpin who has to teach a lesson when his product is tampered with, raiding his client’s house and roughing up his family. Don’t mess with the Bawse.


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  1. Yeah

    i really don’t get the hype over this guy but whatever :/


  2. 48

    good thing Ni**a rhymes Ni**a or this Ni**a would have nothing to rap about.


    Gamgoumy Reply:

    @48, lol


  3. chris

    this video is dope


  4. Blaise Francis

    Thts alot of Ni**a’s in one song Ouch


  5. nicegirl

    Wish 2pac and Biggie were still here.

    Rick Ross has good songs, but this video and song just degrades him a whole lot.


  6. Lia

    I just really don’t get him..when did he actually sell dope? When he was playing security?? Lmfao can’t take him serious


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