Drake and Rihanna Shoot ‘Take Care’ Video

Rihanna, Yoann Lemoine, and Drake

Drake and Rihanna went in front of the lens recently to shoot a video for “Take Care,” the title track off Drake’s sophomore album. Yoann Lemoine, who helmed Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” and Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” is in the director’s chair.

“Oh by the way I just shot Drake & Rihanna’s ‘Take Care’ video. Beautiful track, amazing artists. EDITING NOW !” Lemoine wrote on Twitter.

The Barbados babe sports blonde locks in the clip, whose concept is being kept under wraps. This is their second video together following the chart-topping “What’s My Name?”



[Rihanna Daily + OVO]

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  1. Love-Fiend

    Drake is in the back like: “I wish I could kiss his beard too”.

    Nyukka stop pouting your lips…..


    She Reply:

    @Love-Fiend, co-sign!!! I really DO need drizzy to stop the pout …


  2. RihannaBreezy

    Love the born to die video, cant wait to see what the director brings to the table fo this record.


  3. Mike

    Canada-Dry has been riding Rihanna career for a long time now. From crying over in interviews about her breaking his heart during his first album, to saying Marvin Room was written for her, and now he has her on his album AND shooting a video? Pussy….


  4. jewseesobaddxoxo

    im excited what do you guys think the concept/storyline will be


    uk_RIRI Reply:

    @jewseesobaddxoxo, i think maybe one of them is in an abusive relationship and the video goes with that idk lol just guessing


  5. coolio

    Rihanna looks albino lol that’s how every light-skinned blonde person looks. #trash


    Yeah Reply:

    @coolio, no she doesnt you blind idiot, the only person that looks white is the actual white guy dumbass get your eyes checked


    Yeah Reply:

    @coolio, NO


    Fan Of A Fan Reply:

    @coolio, <—- This ratchet ass hoe be all up in Rihanna's shit. If you don't like her, fuck off and do one bitch.


  6. uhuh

    is drake doing all this pause-worthy moves on purpose? smh..


  7. pinkfridayhoe

    drake will get caught in a gay scandal in 2012 watch i love me some drizzy but its gonna happen


    commentaboveme Reply:

    @pinkfridayhoe, LOL soo random^^


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  9. Jazzy

    Canada-Dry is really riding Rihannas career. When his wack debut dropped he was crying over his heart break because of her during interviews, then he said Marivn Room was about her, now he was on her this album AND doing a video?


    dellroy Reply:

    @Jazzy, Marvins room wasn,t about her u should’ve have listen to the song before u judge


    Jazzy Reply:

    @dellroy, Read his interview where he confesses he wrote it about her.


    miles Reply:

    @Jazzy, its not about her. The girl that it is about is actually sueing him now… idk where u saw this so called interview but u clearly believe evrything u see


  10. Logic

    Love this song, cant wait to see the video!


  11. dia

    can’t wait 4 this because they have been successful before I feel big-time video coming


  12. Jay

    Yeah man! So glad they’re doing a video! One of my all-time favorite songs. It’s so hypnotic.


  13. EL

    Drake looks like a creeper in 89.9% of his photos with other people. Like, seriously Aubrey.

    This one in particular is level 10 awkward.

    At any rate, very interested to see the chemistry between these two in the final vid. They typically make magic.

    Am I right?!


  14. Giamma

    Can’t wait!


  15. maria

    riri is smoking hot with that blonde hair…;)


  16. cierra

    YEESSSSS! Life! this should be bomb!


  17. Songstress

    Hope this video is amazing…the song is !


  18. dan



  19. Fan Of A Fan



  20. Oibaf

    Cant wait .


  21. DrakeTakeCare

    can’t wait to see a great video to a wonderful song!!! #TEAMDRIZZY


  22. Goldy kills S.E.K

    One sexy Girl with two Hadleys HaHaHa


  23. nicegirl

    Hopefully this video is good cause I love the song.


  24. Hugh

    Looks good


  25. o7umighty

    Seriously idk what to say b4 diz video drops but am so much expectant *drizzybaby tunechi sayz its ur go


  26. ;)

    AW! KOOL! now i cant wait for rihanna and jay-z to do the ‘talk that talk’ video


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