Tyga Chases His Paper in ‘Bitch Betta Have My Money’ Video


Tyga has money on his mind in the video for “Bitch Betta Have My Money,” a cut off last year’s mixtape Bitch I’m the Shit. The Young Money rapper sported a wild wardrobe including a Givenchy Rottweiler T-shirt and fur vest while shooting scenes with fellow West Coast MCs Kurupt and YG.

Tyga will kick off his “Careless World” tour on February 17, while his new album Careless World: Rise of the Last King arrives February 21.

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  1. Logic

    Oh wow he’s creative o_0 smh


  2. miko

    between his album cover and the clothes he’s wearing, you can tell he wants to be kanye/hov soooo bad lol


    Jay Reply:

    @miko, Wrong, kanye and hov wanna be him.


    Brine Reply:

    @Jay, You’re stupid as fuck.


  3. Oibaf

    stop hating, hes not tryna be like NOONE. hes TYGA. hes bein himself . you oviously too stupid to see that . let tyga be tyga . hes jus a fly young dude . JAY-Z is no where near his swag .


  4. DrakeTakeCare

    he’s a lil bit underrated, HE’S A GREAT ARTIST and i can’t wait to hear careless world!


  5. DrakeTakeCare

    he’s underrated, HE’S A GREAT RAPPER and i can’t wait till careless world is finally out!


  6. nicegirl

    Sure i’ll be checkin out this video. Probably one of the better songs on the mixtape, but I want him to lose that fur jacket.


  7. tymia

    hes adorable.


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