Whitney Houston’s Final Performance [Video]

Just days before her tragic passing, Whitney Houston attended “Kelly Price & Friends Unplugged: For the Love of R&B” at Tru Hollywood. She dedicated the gospel hymn “Jesus Loves Me” to her “Heartbreak Hotel” collaborator Price. It would be her last performance and public appearance before her death on Saturday. R.I.P. Whitney. We will always love you.


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  1. dexlovesrih

    her voice was kinda cracking..=(she’ll be missed..so fuxxin sad


  2. Pucci

    I’m glad that she finally gets the peace she so deserves. She fought her hardest to get back on top & ppl just wouldn’t let her… I hope that ppl will allow the story to develop without getting crazy.


  3. Steve

    She really messed her BEAUTIFUL voice up with drugs. Whitney was amazing ! She will forever be a legend.


  4. common

    ITS GREAT THAT HER LAST SONG WAS A SONG ABOUT JESUS CHRIST!!! i believe her spirit will go to heaven, she was a true believer!!! she had up’s and downs but she was always with god!!! i think one of the few celebrities that will go to heaven!!! HER VOICE WILL REMAIN UNMATCHED!!!PERIOD


  5. nicegirl

    Can’t believe that she has passed away. RIP Whitney.


  6. savt1st

    she may hav always represented God, but I will be head over hills if she commited suicide like the reports i’m reading are saying! Personally, I wouldnt think Whitney would commit suicide but if the coroner says it’s so than thats a fact u cant deny, but in a way she and THE WORLD AND MEDIA killed her w/ so much stress.


  7. savt1st

    and if all these greats from the 80s and 90s are dying young, how is MAdonna keeping it together??? Thats what i really want to know..


    Joyams Reply:

    @savt1st, I saw her at the superbowl and with this body I’m pretty sure she was born in the 90′s


  8. martin daffin

    sooo sad,famous people need to come and work with me to find a reality check,trust me this will keep you alive,god bless you allxxx


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