Whitney Houston Dies at 48

Whitney Houston

The legendary Whitney Houston has died, the singer’s publicist Kristen Foster told The Associated Press. She was 48 years old.

The cause of death is currently unknown. TMZ reports that she died at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills. Just days ago, she was seen with Monica and Brandy at rehearsals for Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party.

Twitter was flooded with messages from her peers including Mariah Carey. “Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend, the incomparable Ms. Whitney Houston,” wrote her fellow diva. “My heartfelt condolences to Whitney’s family and to all her millions of fans throughout the world. She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth.”

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  1. TheOnlyOne



    Lauryn Reply:

    I Praying That It’s Not True. Oh God Please No! I’ve Sunk… It’s Just Heart Breaking.
    I’m More Heart Broken Over This Than Michael’s Death!!!

    P.S I’m Busting A Couple Moves To Whitney RIGHT NOOOOOOOOOW!!!


    Yup Reply:

    @TheOnlyOne, RIP


  2. Johnathan

    RIP to a Queen who had such a divine voice! You will be missed.


  3. Ale

    This is unbelievable…RIP Whitney


  4. A Realist

    ……….. im bout to breakdown.


  5. DeeJay

    My prayers are with Cissy Houston right now. Please people respect the Houston family privacy.


    Gucci Ninja Reply:

    @DeeJay, oh okay. I’ll just keep that in mind when I run across Bobby Brown…


  6. d

    I just cant process this. It hurts me deeply. RIP Ms. Whitney Houston u will b missed. <3


  7. Alfonso

    OMFG Whitney Houston why baby why da-mn mama I dont even know what to say im speechless. Honey did you not think bout your life, forget you’re a celeb for right now but your life was so good & still great. I have & always will have faith in you Whitney Houston I luv you 2 death hun R.I.P. Mama


  8. PositivetyPLEASE

    Rest easy Whit, NO one ever did it better.


  9. samanthalauryn

    This is beyond sad. RIP Whitney Houston and God bless her family.


  10. Redchainsaw

    I’m So Shocked,I Saw It On Twitter and I’m still shocked R.I.P


  11. jewlz

    when i heard this i just couldn’t hold back the tears hard to process r.i.p Whitney H


  12. Jaymalls

    Wtf??? This shit ain’t sitting right with me… Can’t even go back to watching the Knicks game!!!! DAMN!!!!


  13. Angieb2b

    Omg! I miss her already. I just can’t believe it. May she rest in peace.


  14. Nat

    Back in the day, Whitney Houston was an undeniable force that could not be reckon with. She had the style, the grace, and most importantly the voice. I have a lot of good songs from her, but the best was One moment in time. At the 1988 Grammy’s she sany her heart out and this therefore became my theme song. Her talent was unmatched. Your music will live on RIP Whitney Houston!


  15. OMG



  16. andrew

    crazy. smh


  17. ok

    I can’t believe this


  18. H-Town

    May God bless her soul, R.I.P Whitney Houston


  19. eric

    Whitney Houston The Best Female Singer Of All Time. Fly With The angels.R.I.P Miss Houston. Can’t Belive It Shocked.


  20. "4"



  21. mofan95

    Nooooooo Whitney nooooo she was finna do big things this year!!!!!


  22. Audrey Hepburn

    OMG! This is so sad. Whitney was the greatest voice of ALL TIME, no doubt. I just can’t believe this. :(


  23. aaa

    WHAT????? terrible…


  24. Jcole1

    R.I.P Whitney


  25. Sharp Tongue

    Oh my goodness I can’t take this.


  26. blv20

    I cant believe this I’m in shock right now!!


  27. Rap*

    RIP Whitney

    A true legend
    real person
    Unbelievable singer

    Lets all pray and may her soul rest in peace

    Please with all thats going on lets all change and be positive and stay on the right path

    God bless


  28. Pucci

    OMG!!!!!! Are you serious? NO, this can’t be. I hope her daughter is coping.


  29. Hugh

    So sad. What a legend. What a voice.

    You will be remembered forever


  30. illerbrown

    I just talking about her and her music #RIP there goes another legend.. Why can’t some of them shity artists go so we can have the good ones.. #RIP TO THE LEGENDS THAT HAVE PAST AWAY


  31. TRA

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! This is unbelieveable, and surrell, my heart and prayers go out to Whitney Houston’s family in this time of prayer and sad hour. R.I.P. Whitney, you will be miss for sure.


  32. James

    i knew something was wrong when i seen her leaving that club…something just wasnt right with her…she had so much to live for..she never had the right support system, in my opinion. Ditto for Amy Winehouse.

    Whitney will be missed terribly in music world. She was an inspiration to all artists. Torn.Just Torn.

    R.I.P. Whitney Houston


  33. Neon

    Absolutely shocking.


  34. Cuba

    i was just on a party in london dancing to I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY was the best night in my lfie so far nad now its the worst night since MJ left us…. WHITNEY THE VOICE HOUSTON!!!! YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER IN MY HEART !!


  35. NikkiIsChillin

    R.I.P. Whitney Houston…so sad :(


  36. I

    i had the biggest crush on her as a child when I first saw her in the 80′s R.I.P


  37. LaMont

    R.I.P. Whitney Houston you will definitely be missed.One of the best voices the world has ever heard is now gone.


  38. Triniti

    Is this a joke?

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph…I can’t take much more!


  39. Truth

    The music industry is very fishy why are all the Legends dying at early ages and this is a day right before the grammys i cant help but think this was planned. The public will only believe what they hear but honestly in my heart i think there was foul play involved.


  40. Jay

    I am so saddened by this. I loved Whitney. Prayers go out to her family. I can’t believe it.


  41. nicegirl

    I can’t believe it…she was just starting to get her career back on track and starring in a movie. Why are all the legends leaving us. RIP Whitney…your talent will be missed.


  42. Jess

    I’m still shocked. So so sad. :(


  43. GermanyLov

    so sad,I hope shes now at a better place, my prayers go out to her daughter


  44. Zghiby

    death come in 3.how’s next? Rip Whitney Houston


  45. muni

    OMG be peace be with you my favourite of all the time!! #HeartBroken


  46. Fan Of A Fan

    Devastated. I am speechless at the moment

    R.I.P Whitney Huston


  47. boom boom

    rip, i still can’t believe such talent is gone <3


  48. MiddleFinger

    RIP Whitney, The Lord Has You Now! :’(


  49. hate revolver

    RIP whitney houston. I know you are going to be singing in the havens with the greats. See you when l get there.


  50. Z

    RIP My angel, we will always love you.


  51. Kyle

    I seriously couldn’t believe this when I heard about it last night. So sad and tragic. She wasn’t even 50 yet either. Wow, R.I.P. to a legend.


  52. SumthinLikeFire

    RIP to ‘The Voice.’ I wish you nothing but peace and happiness in the afterlife. I’m sure your voice has returned to pristine condition in heaven, so sing away mama!

    My heart goes out to her family and friends especially Ms. Cissy, and little Kristina. <3

    The world loves and misses you Whitney! But God loves you more. Take care.


  53. intrinsically safe pdas

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    [...]Rap-Up.com || Whitney Houston Dies at 48[...]…

  54. Jada

    Rest In Paradise Love! The best vocals that this planet has ever heard, no could or will ever touch the ranges of her voice.. been listening to all your songs today Whitney, truly a legend!


  55. Asia



  56. Esi53

    I’m trying to process this info since yesterday… it’s still hard to believe!


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