Bruno Mars Performs ‘Runaway Baby’ at the Grammys

Bruno Mars

“Tonight we celebrate the music of Whitney Houston. Get off your rich asses and let’s have some fun!” Bruno Mars told his music industry peers while rocking Staples Center at the Grammys. The Pompadour-sporting singer and his Hooligans set the tone for the show as they performed “Runaway Baby” in matching black-and-gold tuxedos.


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  1. kasey

    Great Performance


  2. J. W.

    This remark extremly in bad taste–
    Detracted from otherwise a good performance-


    murrayrothbard Reply:

    @J. W., completely agree with you.


    Jess Reply:

    @J. W., I don’t know. I laughed when he said it. I’m sure the audience isn’t that uptight.


  3. murrayrothbard

    Sounded like Mr. Mars said “Get your bitch asses up…” Bitch asses, rich asses, it’s the same – base, hostile, and crude. This Little Richard ripoff should take some lessons in common decency. I’m sure Whitney was very proud…


    WHATEVER Reply:

    @murrayrothbard, Get over yourself and lighten up. It was funny. Half of those people in the audience sit there with blank faces when actual FANS would appreciate the performers more. It’s a night to celebrate, not to sit there all posh and poised. Some of them are way too serious.


  4. tim



  5. Jay

    Bruno really gave a great performance! I loved it!


  6. Jess

    One of the best performances of the night!!! They looked all very clean cut. The boy can sing, but he can really dance.


  7. nicegirl

    Great performance. Looked great, danced great, music was great and singing was great. Well done Bruno.


  8. Hugh

    Great job


  9. Jordan Gabriel



  10. Ffdddd

    Amazing bruuuuuuu


  11. lovely

    great performance i think it was one of the best ones other than J Hud


  12. Megan

    He truly is unique in everything he does!
    Proud surporter…without a doubt!


  13. lia

    bruno is on his way to become one of the most successful artists he has everything it takes and he sold a lot with his debut album I am sure his second album will be huge


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