Jennifer Hudson Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston at Grammys

Jennifer Hudson

As news of Whitney Houston’s death made headlines late Saturday, the Grammys scrambled to prepare a tribute. Producers called upon one of the singers Whitney influenced, Jennifer Hudson, to pay homage to the music icon. An emotional J-Hud took the stage with an understated, yet powerful performance of Whitney’s classic “I Will Always Love You.”


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  1. TK

    Beautifully done, J. Hud. RIP Whitney Houston – a diamond in the rough – we will always love you.


  2. Kii

    She kept it cute tonight I see. It was decent.


  3. delapuert

    I don’t believe her. I can’t believe anyone who was at that party that night. If someone I appreciate dies, the last thing I want to do is going to a party. And the pics from that party are of people who are smiling.. only Brandy seems sad. Sorry if I’m weird, but I cannot understand their attitude, standing in the same hotel where Whitney was dead… it’s too much. I think.


    Royal1 Reply:

    @delapuert, !st of all the world doesn’t stop for someones death. 2nd As much as everyone loved Whitney they actually knew her and what she would have wanted you don’t! If her family she yes go ahead with the event why the hell do you have a problem with it?

    They celebrated her life because they knew thats what she would want! God tells us not to mourn those that have passed because now after the death of Christ we can repent have our sins wiped clean and enter the gates of heaven and have eternal life with GOD! The dead mourn for us because we have to live in this cruel world not knowing when our time will come. Being surround by cruel, evil and judgemental people. If you would like to sit in a dark room and do nothing in memory of Whitney then go ahead and do so whatever gets your through it but don’t judge what other people do!

    Whitney is gone as much as I dislike it but she is in a better place a place beyond paradise with GOD. Why should we spend a long time mourning she has happiness that knows no limit. Her only sadness would come in for her daughter that’s it!


    Whitney, I Will Always Love You Reply:

    @Royal1, AMEN!! RIP Whitney, I love you forever.


    delapuert Reply:

    @Whitney, I Will Always Love You, I don’t have a problem with party continues, I don’t understand how they can smile like nothing happens


  4. slie

    Wow tht showa the love 4 whithney we love her very much


  5. nicegirl

    Lovely tribute. I see it was a tribute to all the music legends. JHud looked great too. RIP Whitney.


  6. Lauryn

    Sounded Like The Pastor’s Wife Was Singing It! Whitney Never Gave You Feel, But She Did It Well…


  7. magia sztuczki

    magia sztuczki…

    [...] || Jennifer Hudson Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston at Grammys[...]…

  8. Beyonce is desperate

    Maybe it’s just me but her rendition of the song was not great. To each it’s own. #kanyeshrug


  9. Crrr

    Beautiful. I got goosebumps. RIP Whitney Houston :(


  10. Audrey Hepburn

    I’m happy to see that there was some substance in that boring show. I believe there should have been a bigger Whitney tribute, but whatever. :)


    tune Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn, whitney died the day before the grammies, they didnt have enough time to put together a big tribute, at least its something to celebrate the life of whitney


    Audrey Hepburn Reply:

    @tune, I am aware that she died the day before the Grammys. I believe everyone in America is aware of that. Now for clarification, I was referring to more screen shots of Whitney throughout the show, past Whitney moments via LCD screen, and perhaps more recognition of her impact during acceptance speeches of the various winners. Afterall, she is Whitney. In my opinion the weeks of planning that went into the Grammys was in vain – as the show (aside from the Whitney and Etta tributes/opening prayer) was total crap.





  12. thatboypouse

    she nailed it,,, but i think celin dion was the right person to do this


  13. Phillip Jecty

    Her voice is so amazing.


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  15. sheley Wells

    she has a beautiful voice, love that song.


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