Lil Wayne Takes a Moment of Silence for Whitney Houston [Video]

Lil Wayne put the celebration on hold to pay tribute to the great Whitney Houston at Cash Money’s Pre-Grammy Party at Paramount Studios in Hollywood on Saturday night. Following a moment of silence led by actress Taraji P. Henson, Weezy told his guests, “Can we all just give at least a few seconds, a moment of silence for Ms. Whitney Houston? … Thank you.”

With the rest of his YMCMB crew including Drake, Tyga, Birdman, Busta Rhymes, and Shanell onstage, he also acknowledged Christina Milian’s addition to the YMCMB family. “I got the beautiful Ms. Christina Milian with me tonight,” said Weezy. “Ya’ll make some noise for Ms. Christina Milian. Young Money Christina Milian!”

After he and Drake were presented with plaques, Tunechi delivered a rap that raised eyebrows. “I met a bad redbone, I took the bitch home, I asked her what she want to watch, she said surely not The Throne.”

And with that, he dropped the mic and walked offstage.

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  1. RDK

    respect for that,and R.I.P whitney houston.


    Logic Reply:

    @RDK, Wayne is WEAK…stop throwing pebbles at the and your whole crew lost major to Ye


  2. Lauryn

    Lady Please. Take You Twists & Step w/ Yo Mouth Shout! You Ain’t Sh-t Boo!!! With You Wobbling-ass. C4 Ain’t Shit To WTT or MBDTF!!! You Lack Lyrical Power & You Pu-sy Bird Kissing Lips Need Bleaching.


    :o youMADstayMAD! Reply:

    @Lauryn, someone’s mad? OH!


  3. B-Rad

    He Playing with Fire… Don’t Do It… Fair Warning…



    i respect the whitney shout out, but the the throne diss was random, he knows the grammys are tonight and alot of people are watching the throne so wayne just HAD to memtion ‘em.


  5. smh

    I find it funny how in Hip Hop they label it as hatin when you take shots at Jay-z…fuck him.

    Watch The Phone…it may ring


  6. HELLOcunts

    and the rachetness continues ……….


  7. :o youMADstayMAD!

    but Jay-Z dissed Lil Wayne 1st. please have several seats.. NOW and without Kanye being on WTT, it wouldn’t have sold. just saying!


    borntobey Reply:

    @:o youMADstayMAD!, uhmm..and without jay-z it wouldn’t have sold.your point? the whole concept was to have TWO hip hop greats do an iconic album.


    Lauryn Reply:

    @:o youMADstayMAD!,

    He Mad Because His Had Couple Kids & No 1 Ain’t Looking For Them! By The Way They Both Needed Each Other For The Album. Check MBDTF It Never Did What WTT (On The Sales Front)… Speak When Spoken To Boo


  8. holla

    that rhyme was was wack as f*ck tho lol


  9. tech2011

    Def dissed Jay and Ye with that one…-_-


  10. tech2011

    With that being said Kanye just took home 3 Grammys before the show even started…nuff said


  11. dee

    …& I was beginnin 2 lyk wayne. U MOST DEFINITELY not on d same level wit d THRONE…lightyrs away 4rm u.So stop makin a FOOL of urself.


  12. aight

    YMCMB ain’t no grammys for now unlike GOOD Music or Roc Nation.

    At least, Jay-Z, Kanye, Melanie Fiona won


  13. KayKay

    Well the throne ain’t watching your wack ass either. Eeeeediat!


  14. B-Rad

    Young Money or Cash Money Didn’t Win a thing tonight at the Grammy’s… All I got to say is “Stay MADD!!” *Drops Mic and Walk Away* SUCKKKAAASSSSSS…


    eddie Reply:

    @B-Rad, u are loser kiss my asssssss


  15. nicegirl

    How dare they diss The Throne? Kanye and Jay make quality music that wins Grammy’s.


  16. Low

    Try again Wayne…


  17. jada

    F*ck lil Wayne swear.he the best rapper alive f*ck out here wit that lmao lame!!


  18. eddie

    @Logic, f**ck u


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