New Music: Kalenna – ‘Chamber of Diaries’ [Mixtape]

Chamber of Diaries

Kalenna shares her story on her solo mixtape Chamber of Diaries. Hosted by Atlanta’s DJ Kash, the free download includes 16 original tracks plus her freestyle over Drake’s “The Motto.” The Dirty Money diva calls on heavy-hitters such as Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Ryan Tedder, D’Mile, First Born, and She’kspere.

“I want people to know that I have experienced a lot of the same struggles they have faced in their lives,” explained Kalenna. “At the same time I want be a role model for my fans by keeping two feet on the ground and standing for what I believe in.”

Take a peek into the pages of her diary.

Download: Kalenna – Chamber of Diaries

Chamber of Diaries Tracklisting

1. “COD – One Heart at a Time” (prod. by Ryan Tedder & Chizzy)
2. “Feeling Good” (prod. by Ryan Tedder & Chizzy)
3. “Ladder” (prod. by D. Mile)
4. “Motto Freestyle”
5. “S on My Chest” feat. Atozzio (prod. by C-Note & Babygirl)
6. “Interlude – Get to Know” (prod. by Ryan Tedder & Chizzy)
7. “Matte Black Truck” (prod. by D. Mile)
8. “Put It in a Bag” feat. Dee Simms (prod. by Cato)
9. “6000 Sisters” (prod. by Chalo)
10. “Kalenna Interlude” (prod. by Ryan Tedder & Chizzy)
11. “Love Rock” feat. Jarren Benton & L. Jenkins (prod. by D. Mile)
12. “Pain and Alcohol” feat. Dee Simms (prod. by Babygirl)
13. “Poison” feat. Crystal Nicole (prod. by Baby Girl and D. Mile)
14. “The Morning After” (prod. by Mel Moose)
15. “Party & Bullshit” feat. Lil Play (prod. by Rodney Jerkins)
16. “COD – Outro” (prod. by Ryan Tedder & Chizzy)
Bonus: “Go to Work (Remix)” feat. Wayne Wonder & Sterling Simms (prod. by Black Da Beast & First Born)

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  1. Dave

    *is downloading now*


  2. H-Town

    Ready to check it out.


  3. MusiqLover

    cant even wait. Kalenna’s the ish.


  4. LK

    it really showcases her creativity. its like the best part of Diddy-Dirty Money cause we all know diddy is a joke. anyway her harmonies are great and unexpected and fresh. excited for her carrer


  5. yahhh

    support real music!!!


  6. vladica07

    Downloading it,I hope its as good and will be successful as Dawn’s was :)


  7. Ryan LaTrell

    This mixtape was BEAST!!!! Damn!


  8. MusiqLover

    damn. this is seriously great. perfect music for sippin’


  9. KimIsTheQueen

    Downloading now! She had me with the first two visuals and singles. TBH I was counting down the days until its release. Next up, Lil Kim’s new tunes, then Miguel’s mixtape =)


  10. Ouch!

    I’m kinda interested because of the D’Mile productions, but the two singles that she came out with were so terrible I won’t even bother downloading this…


    LoveMoreHateLESS Reply:

    @Ouch!, Boo she could care less her pockets still good with or with out ur support …


  11. Songstress

    I’m excited to even be downloading this !


  12. Breeze

    im a guy and this shyt is hot to me.. Even her rappin!! She got joints for everything and everybody on here.. even a strip club banger.. respect dope music!! Give credit when that shyt is do!!!


  13. Will

    Unbelievable. Kalenna is so damn talented this mixtape is so good wow


  14. This Is it

    This is honestly more of a full length album than a mixtape u can only imagine how good her debut LP will be if this is that good her pen game is crazy. Dope!!!


  15. Banger

    #3 Ladder is one of my tracks on this mixtape i think Kalenna has so much potential to be big as a solo artist.


  16. nicegirl

    Some of the songs were good, others were terrible. I guess it’s just a mixtape and I know there are certain people that will love this mixtape.


  17. Hugh

    Imma listen to this. Ryan Tedder and Darkchild :)


  18. kieran

    this mixtape is so cray, Kalenna this ish gonna shut down them clubs. loving this.


  19. yuppitsme

    this mixtape is everything!! great job Kaleena


  20. Kharabeeba

    I like Black Matte Truck and go to work, 6000 sistaz, and put it in the bag, I havent heard the rest yet, but these songs are BANGERS! Very original, got that early 90′s hip hop/ r&B feel mixed with 2012.

    NICE !


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