Janet Jackson Remembers Whitney Houston

Janet Jackson

The devastating loss of Whitney Houston continues to be felt throughout the music industry. Another one of her superstar peers, Janet Jackson, spoke about first learning of Whitney’s passing, her incredible talent, and advice to daughter Bobbi Kristina during her appearance on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show. “It’s very, very devastating and I pray for her and her family, even Bobby,” said a grief-stricken Janet.

On her reaction to the tragic news: “I couldn’t believe it. Immediately I started shaking. I was trying to text everyone that I knew to let them know and I was speechless. I could not believe it.”

On Whitney’s talent: “Incredible. She was known as the voice. When she would open her mouth and this instrument would come out, you would obviously understand why. She was such a sweet, sweet soul, especially back in the early ’80s and early ’90s is when I connected with Whitney the most. It doesn’t matter if we were doing an awards show, we would always take the time out to find one another. Either she’d come to my dressing room to say hey and I’d be in makeup, or I’d find her in her dressing room to say hey. We always found time to talk to one another. She was such a sweet soul.”

On her advice to Bobbi Kristina: “It’s a very, very tough time. Even though it’s still a loss. I lost my brother, she lost her mother. There’s still a difference, even though there’s a still a loss to a family. I don’t know what that’s like being so young. It was hard for me. It was very, very difficult for me. I didn’t want to accept it, it’s very difficult. You have to come to terms at some point. You have to actually give it up to God and it sounds so mean, but you have to move on. You can’t hold onto that because it can be very devastating. Sometimes therapy is the best thing.”

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  1. uhuh

    omg real royalty!


    Real Issh Reply:

    @uhuh, Wow Jan seems so down to earth and intelligent , like nothing fazes her. Shes rocking the weave again, its a good luck gurl.


    Real Issh Reply:

    @Real Issh, Do u really have 2 imitate me ? I’m glad you’re positive tho . I agree w/ wadd was written .


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  3. Lauryn

    Janet Looks Gooooooooooooooood. You Damn Right Royalty? ^^^^^
    Real Deal Here!!!


  4. Lisa

    Janet is so amazing. I remember Janet performing at the AMA’s in the 80′s and Whitney was in the audience cheering her on.


  5. Triniti

    Janet is BEAUTIFUL!


  6. Arthur



  7. Arthur

    Hottness aside, she’s a brilliant artist and down-to-earth at the same time. That’s a rare find. Hope she releases a new album soon.


  8. EL

    Man oh man.

    This is a hard one for the entire music world. I completely 1000% agree with Janet. I still don’t believe that Whitney is gone.

    LL Cool J said it perfectly at the Grammys. “There’s no getting around this. We lost a member of our family.” We truly did.

    God bless Janet for being so strong. I don’t know how I would make it if my sister/best friend in the world, left me, so tragically.

    Please somebody help Bobbi Kristina.


  9. true love

    Janet look beautiful and MOST IMPORTANTLY HEALTHY!!!


  10. Sharp Tongue

    Janet said it best this is why I love her for being herself and down to earth and her skin is flawless.


  11. Audrey Hepburn

    This woman is a true queen. She is so talented and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her. Very beautiful and humble. MYM #GoJanet!


  12. truth teller

    no disrespect to whitney or janet but does any one else find “I was trying to text everyone that I knew to let them know and I was speechless.” funny? :P


    Robert Reply:

    @truth teller, no


  13. Nick

    Love her and she shows so much respect.


  14. nicegirl

    Janet is very humble and I love the way she spoke about Whitney.


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  16. Hugh

    Looking more beatiful than ever!

    Love her with long hair


  17. Phillip Jecty

    We will always remember you Whitney.


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