Kelly Rowland Performs ‘Fantasy’ in Honor of Mariah Carey

Kelly Rowland and Raekwon

“I love me some Mariah,” said Kelly Rowland while saluting Mariah Carey at the 5th Annual BET Honors. The Destiny’s Child diva, who grew up listening to the pop diva’s music, paid tribute to her idol by performing her classic “Fantasy” with Raekwon, who rapped ODB’s verses. The ceremony, honoring achievements of legends in the fields of music, literature, entertainment, media, service, and education, was pre-taped last month at Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C.

“The voice of an angel. I remember when her first record came out,” said Kelly, shimmering in a short gold dress. “She ruled the charts with her not one, not two, not three, not four, but five-octave range. She was and still is a pure vision of love. And I can’t lie ya’ll, with the hair, the legs, I wanted to be just like her.”

Patti LaBelle followed with a cover of “Hero” as a teary-eyed Mariah watched from the audience with Randy Jackson.

After some words from L.A. Reid, Mariah took the stage to thank her fans for their support in front of her fellow honorees and First Lady Michelle Obama. She brought out her husband Nick and son Moroccan. “I’m really and utterly humbled. I can’t thank you enough, everybody,” said a grateful Mariah.

Kelly Rowland and Raekwon – “Fantasy”

Patti LaBelle – “Hero”

Mariah’s Acceptance Speech

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  1. TeamKelly

    Kelly Rowland has done it again! She literally never ceases to amaze me


    Real Issh Reply:

    @TeamKelly, Can i just say im so happy people are appreciating Mariah, she deserves it so much, amazing talent just had a downfall working with the dream. Seems like all we have left is Mariah as REAL talent that don’t need to get butt naked to sell records. Kelly was amazing so was Patti. Just amazing. I bet Beyonce is tearing her lace front out watching other people slowly but gradually take her shine away. She needs cushions up her top to get her noticed these days… FAIL


  2. jay

    wow, kelly did a great job and looks absolutely stunning doing it too!! kudos.


  3. Mikey

    Mariah Carey deserved that honor so much! She is the best singer to ever do it. Kelly did a really impressive job singing Fantasy, too! Great night for everyone.


  4. Cume

    KEEELLLLLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ThatsAll


  5. Drb

    Why did they edit her speech so much?


  6. Dave

    KELLY FREAKIN SLAYED! I saw this yesterday my friend posted it. What I love so much about this is the fact when artist/people prove people wrong. So many doubted her abilities to sing this song, & she freakin SANG! On top of that she had SASS & STAGE PRESENCE! Get it Kelly! She has really came into her own.


  7. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi)

    WOW!! MSKELLY BROUGHTIT … Her voice was just different to what I have heard fromher b4 … GO! GO! GO!!


  8. Taylor J

    Hot rumor in Twitter world – Kelly Rowland to re-release “Unity” as a tribute to Whitney Houston ! One of the most beautiful songs ever <3 <3


  9. Holly

    @ Taylor J – Wow, I LOVE Unity by Kelly Rowland ! Hoping this rumor is true. Would love to see a video go with it :)


  10. Taylor J

    Kelly Rowland to re-release “Unity” as a tribute to Whitney Houston ! One of my favorite songs all-time – amazing ballad.


  11. Redchainsaw

    She did absolutely amazing,and she looked great,
    Sometimes People count Kelly out as if she isn’t a good vocalist
    But that was great!


    Dave Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, Exactly, when she really does have a VOICE


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @Dave, Yup,and most of the people saying that are Beyonce fans,I love all DC3 members…they’re all beautiful talented women and they all shine in their own light


  12. patch

    wow!!!! sooo impressed kelly has really improved on her live performances! go kelly!!


  13. KMart

    all the artists were a+mazing (lol) and Mimi ive said this countless times, but cannot wait for a new single!! she looks so happy


  14. Songstress

    Kelly killed that performance & made it her own ! Mariah Carey is definitely amazing & Patti did FAB !!!! Good artists !!!!


  15. ThankMeLater

    Kelly DESTROYED IT. She needs to do this kind of music. It really suits her


  16. Jenica

    Sure hope the Unity rumor is true ! I loved this song the moment it came out – Ms.Kelly Diva Deluxe


  17. Jordan Gabriel

    I wish kelly could sing her own songs this well


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    [...] [...]

  19. delapuert

    I think I watch another show, because I don’t like the performance nothing.. she doesn’t suit well to that song


  20. Jake

    In Mariah’s speech she mentions that the music industry is “dying” – this is GREEATTT news because if Mariah is noticing this, this means she gonna SLAYYY with her new album. She could easily be the Adele of 2012/2013. I predict another Emancipation of Mimi,Daydream or Music Box..ohh yeah!!


  21. MusiqLover

    Absolutely amazing. Mariah and Kelly should duet. :P


  22. truth teller

    kelly’s voice is beautiful


  23. lenor

    great performance and kelly looks so diva! love it. x


  24. Princess

    Kelly did a great job! Loved it. Patty was amazing. That was a really good show.


  25. Jay

    That’s awesome! Mariah deserves it! And love Kelly! She did an amazing job! And Patti you betta sang! Mariah is truly a visionary and one of the greatest vocalist/songwriters of all-times. Her body of work speaks for itself. I’ve been a fan and supporter since Vision of Love. Can’t wait for more and more new music to come!! Yep :)


  26. Neon

    Kelly and Patty’s performances were amazing! Congratulations, Mariah!


  27. nicegirl

    Kelly and Patti were both amazing. Congrats Mariah…you truly deserve the award.


  28. baron



  29. MissJaded

    I didn’t know what to think when I heard Kelly was performing, but she got on stage and KILLED it. Fantasy (Remix) is just a Mariah.. SONG. You can’t just jump up and think you can sing it. Kelly SANG it. Much love to Kelly and OF COURSE Mariah. Can’t wait for some new material from miss Mimi.


  30. D-LOC

    i wish they would have come up wit something more meaningful about “Fantasy” than the cute but gushy “what kelly idolised about MC’s diva glamour ” even still, nice job well done kelly.
    emotional, soulful tribute… what an honor!
    THE GREAT PATTI LABELLE for the great MC


  31. Mk

    So Kelly showed people who she REALLY is; A VOCALIST!!! Unity is great and so is This is love. Ms. KELLY was an emotionally charged Lp. Music World failed to promote it…..just wish she cud do a similar sound on the upcoming Lp. REPUBLIC RECORDS please make sure that kelly’s new Lp showcases her Vocal abilities…that’s about the only thing missing from here i am and the features should be A-list only. Then make sure she’s everywhere….106&park, monique show, wendy, x factor USA, AMERICAN IDOL, THE VOICE on the release week and on night clubs 3 weeks b4 and after the Lp drops. I know it costs moola but that’s how moola is made. Gamble carefully and reap the rewards 4rever….Teamkelly


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