New Music: Usher – ‘Climax’


Usher provides the soundtrack to your Valentine’s Day with his sexy new song “Climax,” produced by Diplo. “It’s some next level electro-soul,” wrote the producer. “Seriously the best record I’ve been part of. Really proud of it.”

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  1. Rick

    I like this.


    Real Issh Reply:

    @Rick, Usher was the king of rnb at one point, wheres it gone?? Seems like rnb is dead….


    Cranberry Reply:

    @Real Issh, because it’s so tired, through, delayed and GENERIC. This… this though… is great.


  2. popcritic

    love it first


  3. 1rnbfan1

    Amazing!! This is the Usher i love :D


  4. Ron'Do

    It’s a nice song.


  5. Jordan Gabriel

    quality Usher at last!


  6. DenimJunkieKidd

    usher still the best!!!!!


  7. MelieBree

    Yesssssss!!! Usher and his falsetto !ah-mazing


  8. RealMusic

    Really enjoyed this song


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  10. KeepItReal

    USHER. WTH MAN!!!! why are all our great r&b/hip-hop artist going the Techno/Pop route? he and chris brown need to sort it out and cut the crap with this garbage


    Drew Reply:

    @KeepItReal, its what;s hot.


    A Realist Reply:

    @KeepItReal, I’m so sick of it! This trend needs to die. So played out.


    Mark London Reply:

    @A Realist, For real! I agree with you all but I think its because no one is buying RnB. Pop is selling more. If we support RnB then the artists will make more but if we keep downloading it illegally then they’ll only stick to pop which is guaranteed to sell.


    youbmad Reply:

    @Mark London, yup, If people support great rnb tracks people in the industry will follow suite and there will be more of it (go with the money maker).


  11. MRBIG

    This is really good. A different sound for diplo


  12. Prada-G

    I like how he managed to create a r&b vibe/sound over a production that wouldn’t be thought of as an r&b beat. clever… Ilikeitlikeit :P


  13. Ice

    I fuqs with it


  14. Mark London

    Come on Ush. We still waiting for you to get back to the quality you had on CONFESSIONS and 8701.

    We want real RnB.


  15. mus

    The eradication of RnB. Where even the greatest RnB starts resort to dance music


    yep i said it Reply:

    @mus, He was never really an “RnB” artist. He has always been “contemporary RnB.” Which over the years has simply come to mean black artists who are popular. Maxwell is an R&B artist — that is rhythm and blues. Usher is doing what he has always done; singing music that keeps him in the charts. The only thing that makes him “R&B” is the fact that he is black and he just happened to be popular during the 90s when “black” music in itself was popular.

    I am still waiting for him to become an “artist.” In the meantime, this is a solid track for what its aim is: to affect the charts and give the illusion of success. He has a great voice and one cannot take that away from him. But I don’t expect depth and real artistry from Usher; you must go listen to the Van Hunts, Aloe Blacc’s, and indie artists if you actually wish to get your ears wet.


    DJInVincible74 Reply:

    @mus, Why differentiate between R&B and Dance music? They used to be one and the same up until the late 90s. I remember when R&B radio stations played House music regularly. Now it seems like their listeners forgot how to dance in favor of songs about shooting each other and creeping with their girlfriend’s best friend.


  16. Chet

    This is so fuckin sick. Diplo did his thing on the production. This is avant garde R&B you guys, not your typical electro shit.


    imusic Reply:

    @Chet, same thaught!


  17. imusic

    whoever says that this is typical electro and compares this to all the songs that are out at the moment, definetly have no idea… usher really fuses rnb with that electro/dubstep touch and this is way more r´n´b than electro!
    Very amazed by this song!
    This is a sound with future which contains classic r´n´b elements!
    I was bored by everything lately but Miguel did a good thing with adorn and this one is crazy!


  18. Chet

    This is so sick. Diplo did his thing on the production, forreal. This is avant garde R&B you guys, not your typical electro garbage that you hear on the radio.


  19. uche

    best rnb song from 2011- 2012 so far, is still trey songz top of the world. until i hear something better


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  21. Triniti

    Love it!


  22. :)

    this is hot


  23. Youdontknowmyname

    Usher you killed this!!! Yeah man!!! This needs to be a single.


  24. Shanice

    This is really good! I was missing the R&B Usher, and this is bringing that vibe back. I really like it Ush :)


  25. Neon

    WOW. Diplo and Usher really did their thing on this record. I love it.


  26. nicegirl

    Really love this song. It isn’t pop which is refreshing. I was hoping for an r&b track from Usher and he did a great job of combining r&b/electro. This is a very different sound. I love his voice on this. Very smooth. And is that picture new? If so, he looks great without all the hair.


  27. vik

    not too bad, he sounds like miguel.. *whomp*


  28. Asia

    loveeee it!!


  29. Hugh



  30. Kb

    Usher thank you for doing what Aaliyah would have done, take the shxt to the next level


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  32. youbmad



  33. ;D

    i dig the beat but i just dont like the techno part tho


  34. Songstress

    Oh fuck yeah….loved it !


  35. Mentamir

    I really dislike this song. It sounds empty and uninteresting. Maybe this new sound is just not for me…


  36. Royaleee

    Since all the Male R&B artists like Usher & Chris Brown want to do POP. We have to make the next Miguel Album #1 & bring Real R&B Back! #TeamMiguel


    Haters Stay Pressed!! Reply:

    @Royaleee, Girl sit the fuck down! I’m sick of people acting like Usher & Chris don’t make r&b anymore because they do!
    Chris hasn’t been majority r&b since his second album! Chris started doing pop when he released ‘Exclusive’ back in 2007! His biggest hit WW was ‘Forever’ so why wouldn’t he continue to make pop records that he’s had success with?! He makes music that appeals to all audiences! He’s smart & knows how to reach other audiences so he can sell & be successful! He doesn’t stay in a box & limit himself!

    Chris has had more r&b songs than pop in the past two years! ‘Deuces’ , ‘No BS’, ‘She Ain’t You’ ‘Body to Body’, ‘Another Round’ , ‘Wet the Bed’, etc. Not to mention all his mixtapes even the rap one has had r&b on them. He has made more r&b records than pop in the past two years & he’s been dominating the r&b charts!

    Usher only released two pop songs off of his last album, ‘OMG’ & ‘DJ Got Us Falling In Love’ then the record with David Guetta. All the other records he released in the past 2 years were r&b. ‘Daddys Home’, ‘Lil Freak’, There Goes My Baby’. He’s had more songs on the r&b charts than the pop charts.

    Miguel may be a hot new artist but he is NOT the only one making r&b music! Usher & Chris are completely differeby artist than Miguel. They’ve always been more mainstream & made more contemporary music.

    FYI: Miguel had pop on his album a well!


  37. BW Extreme



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  39. aj

    im likin this


  40. phucku

    This isht is FIRE!!!!!


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