Nicki Minaj Goes Glam in M.A.C Campaign [Video]

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj was born for her latest role. The Young Money diva puckers up to Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin in M.A.C Cosmetics’ M.A.C AIDS Fund VIVA GLAM campaign, launching this month.

“I’ve always wanted to be a VIVA GLAM girl,” said Nicki on set of the colorful shoot with photographer David LaChapelle.

Martin shared flattering words about his co-star. “Working with Nicki is amazing. She’s young, she has the energy, she’s so sexy,” said the “Livin’ la Vida Loca” singer, while Nicki added, “He’s a dream. He’s so humble, so genuine, so sweet. He just brought a peaceful vibe and a calmness to the set that everybody gravitated to.”

All proceeds from VIVA GLAM lip products benefit the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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  1. JLOVE?R

    im over this bitch


    Nobody Reply:

    @JLOVE?R, We care.


    :O youMADstayMAD Reply:

    @JLOVE?R, but yet you ran your whack ass over on her post? you BEEN A FAN!


    Harmony2 Reply:

    I am 2 2 a certain extent… but this is a great cause so I have NO Shade. Great look!


  2. Keith

    @ JLOVE?R
    Ya!!! I just HATE people who are doing their thing to fight HIV/AIDS!

    SHUT THE FUCK UP! I see you are the first one on this post…hatin’ too. She is doing her thing to better the human race – why hate on that?


    Lea Reply:

    @Keith, Nicki Minaj is the last person to help fight against aids.


    Keith Reply:

    @Lea, Proof?


  3. coolio

    she a white girl now? smh


  4. JLOVE?R

    lol stay mad #teamminaj is some garbage


  5. Kwayzee

    i LOVEEEE the interview outfit. OMFGGGGGGG. She needs to do a photoshoot in that EXACT outfit. Like REALLLYYYYYYYY…


  6. ItsBarbieBitch

    Wow, Nicki is far from over. I’ma start typing in NickiMinaj/, Nicki’s running the world right now. Y’all will deal come apr. 3rd.


  7. RDK

    keep doing your thing nicki,thats a good cause right there.


  8. @Lewis_Bennett

    Ricky Martin…….have sex with me?


    Cheryl Reply:

    @@Lewis_Bennett, he’s team sausage ;)


  9. kk

    dammm she really is everywere


  10. Sharp Tongue

    Yessss for Nicki keep doing it and Ricky Martin is still fine oh yes he is.


  11. Jhared

    Still I rise still I shine see a hater tell them hi :)


  12. Boy Wonder

    If Ricky Martin says HIV/AIDS one more time lol


    Faith Reply:

    @Boy Wonder, lol!


  13. D'ana

    Nicki Minaj is wearing “Yabba Dabba” Leggings by G.A.G


  14. Chicago

    Let’s be real. Nicki looks like a damn fool.


  15. nicegirl

    Nicki looks horrendous.


  16. b.c.

    You are Beautiful Nicki! Keep doing You! M.A.C.,Nicki and Ricky are a great team. There is no better way to define beauty than giving back. I will definitely be supporting Viva Glam.


  17. shell

    before any dumb nicki stan… say anything about lil kim on here cause i know its going to happen.. lil kim and missy were the first female rappers to do the mac campaign.. thats all.


  18. bknyhustle

    Y’all tripping offa Nicki Minaj’s performance, but then y’all paying to see movies that promote the same message. SMH

    let that girl cook!


  19. Diego

    its sad that her dumb ass stans cant see through her act. Why must she always portray a cartoon character this is getting very annoying


  20. Diego

    she tried to be the black Ga Ga and it was a epic fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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