Brandy and Monica Remember Whitney Houston at Video Shoot

Monica and Brandy

Brandy and Monica shared a personal bond with Whitney Houston. Just days before her death, the singers spent time with their friend at rehearsals for Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party. “E! News” caught up with them on set of the Chris Robinson-directed video for their new single “It All Belongs to Me” on Monday, where they shared memories of the late legend.

“She’s the reason why I sing. It’s just crazy, it’s so crazy,” said an emotional Brandy, who was at a loss for words. “Every step I make I’m gonna do my best to make her proud and that’s all I can do.”

Monica recalled first meeting Whitney when she was 14. “She was a jokester. I don’t know if people really understood that she was hilarious,” Mo told Clinton Sparks. “The other day, she came in and she heard mine and Bran’s song and she walks up to me and she goes, ‘You killin’ that run at the end.’ She was like, ‘And you know I know you stole it from me, right?’”

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  1. Boy Wonder

    LMAO! That’s the best Whitney story I’ve heard in the past week. I wish we could’ve seen more of her comedic side. R.I.P. Whitney Houston


  2. Redchainsaw

    R.I.P Mrs.Whitney Beauitful,Woman,Voice,And Soul

    Monica & Brandy are so gorgeous!


  3. Jay

    That’s a cool story about Whitney that Monica told. Love you Whitney!


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  5. lilly

    Monica is the best


  6. BLAZE

    O DEAR WHITNEY IM STILL SAD but Brandy an Mo gone kill an Slay all with there ALBUMS THESE GIRL CAN REALLY SANG YOU INTO A FRENZY an Brandy is so hungry


  7. V.I.C.

    Love these women! I hope this new song and video puts them on back on the top of EVERY SINGLE video countdown and Billboard chart. Let’s go! #2012





  9. TRP

    Can’t wait to see this video. It’s time to push this Brandy record too, RCA should milk this single. If they were smart they’d release them the same day…and have them come in at #1 and #2.



    MONICA is sooo damn pretty! NEW LIFE:APRIL 10TH baby!! Cant wait!






    YEs Brandy for you being U, Lookn forward to the new video coming soon.


  13. Quanna

    Brandy is so beautiful and her body is just wow.. how does she stay so fit?

    I can’t wait for Brandy’s album.
    Monica is well spoken, Not excited about her album as much, but her last album was Good!

    Brandy this is your year Hold your head UP!


  14. G

    Brandy is IT! thats all…..
    r.i.p nippy



    MONICA WILL SLAY! End of that!


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  17. Ray

    Brandddddddddddddddddddddddddy!!! that body, them breast

    lol@ Monica will slay, Monica released two videos already, Brandy ain’t have a video since 2008. People are ready for Brandy. Im ready!


  18. Sharp Tongue

    Brandy is looking good.


  19. This Woeld

    WTF wake up people that letter thing is fake. That was not Whitney. And why would they have ONE camera in the room and not show her face. They are all FRAUDS


    Fa Reply:

    @This Woeld, u have lost your mind!


    This Woeld Reply:

    @Fa, Lol come on. Thats not Whitney. Why no face shot??


    Colin Reply:

    @This Woeld,

    Ummm seruously! I agree with Fa..u must have lost your mind…hope u find it! Either that…or you are not too familiar with Whitney!


  20. Dave

    Stupid competition. They both are talented & will slayed, end of. Love this video thou.


  21. Fans

    MONinca is good! BUT BRAndy is Remarkable!


  22. nicegirl

    RIP Whitney. Beautiful stories from Brandy and Monica. Can’t wait for both of their albums.


  23. Petruk

    Whitney Houston, Brazil loves you. You isnripe us. Anxiously await his return to heaven, where is their habitat. You’re still the brightest star of all.


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