Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott

New Music: Busta Rhymes f/ Missy Elliott, Lil Wayne, & Chris Brown – ‘Why Stop Now (Remix)’

Busta Rhymes doesn’t disappoint with the vicious remix to “Why Stop Now” featuring Missy Elliott (She’s back!), Lil Wayne, and his original collaborator Chris Brown. “Let me introduce ya’ll to my beautiful twin,” raps Bussa Buss before Missy tears up the track. “I slay these crows/ Got more lines than cornrows,” she spits, while Weezy stays “thuggin’, bumpin’ Golf Wang” on his killer verse.


  • Missys Biggest Fan!


    • Iateezy

      @Missys Biggest Fan!, yeah missy did her thing! but this beat…the whole song is just annoying

  • KH

    A mess, Nicki been snatched this dyke’s wig.

    • Steve

      @KH, Please don’t say things like this. This makes us Nicki stans look bad.

      • Humberto

        @Steve, Exact!

    • Missys Biggest Fan!

      @KH, whoo has 5 Grammys & couldnt even get ONE outta the FOUR she was Nominated in?? look put u in ur seat _/

      • ughh

        @Missys Biggest Fan!, bitch stop screaming for missy you know damn well your ass was just chanting for kim b4 whatever that was she put out changing your screen name lol

        • Missy Is QUEEN!

          @ughh, HELLL YEAH im chantin for both the ORIGINATORS not COPY CLONES stfu no ur place u faggot…

    • YAS!!!!!!


      Nicki and Missy can both be successful at the same time. Don’t be ignorant. Missy has opened so many doors, enjoy both of them!

    • BLAZE

      @KH, 1st of call Nicki been a fan of Missy’s so go lay yo dumb ass down an sleep til June when Missy SLAY THESE CROWS LMAO LETS GO!

    • TheCreat1veOne

      @KH, In the words of Missy herself “You better sit down, HAVE A SEAT!”

    • JustSaying


      and THIS is why ERRRRRRBODY hates Nicki Fans… no gyat damn respect!

      • Teejai

        @JustSaying, ShitI already knoooow lol

    • StarrKicks

      @KH, *pull lazy boy* <<—–sit

      SMH at you young dumb barbie bitchez

      • RDK

        @StarrKicks,seems like that nicki hater KH as accomplish what he came to do,turn all these kim fans posing as missy fans,to hate on nicki on a track with missy,sigh it always works.

  • YAS!!!!!!

    OMG MISSY KILLED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • henry

    i got an overdose

  • A Realist

    Yes Missy!! Some of the other girls should take notes. That BS they’ve been releasing lately. Or haven’t been releasing at all.

  • anonymous


  • NickiStan

    wayne killed it.

  • Damian !!!!

    Missy Elliot :) !!!!!! YASSS She Almost Here !!!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE ALBUM. HER VERSE WAS HOOOOOT !!!!

  • Steve

    Missy !!! I can’t wait for her return, I loveeee her. And I’m a Huge Nicki stan too. I can’t wait for these two, to do something together. I know they will collab with both of them dropping Albums soon. #SoExcited

  • Yeessss


    • ughh

      @Yeessss, starship went #1 on hipho/rap charts and its #5 on the itunes charts and thats just the u.s.

      • Missys Biggest Fan!

        @ughh, but Missy has FIVE Grammys Nicki couldnt even get ONE out the FOUR she was nominated in & shes a ROOKIE compared to the career Missy got! she cant produced or WRITE the songs Missy has! Nicki will be foregotten when Missy drops & so will u! buuh bye, haaaveee a seeeaaat! _/

        • BLAZE

          @Missys Biggest Fan!, Yassssssss tell them hunty they gon bow down

        • Steve

          @Missys Biggest Fan!, WTF does a Grammy mean ? A Grammy doesn’t mean anything. I love Missy but you’re not gonna disrespect Nicki. And Nicki has already broke ALL of Missy’s records. So you can have a seat.

          • BLAZE

            @Steve, Thats a lie you need to do your research 1st fall out an have many seats

          • joey

            @Steve, what records has nicki beaten of missys? and where is starships number 1? shut the fuck up you sound dumb.

        • RDK

          @Missys Biggest Fan!,ok you little kim fans i see you hard at work trying to turn missy fans against nicki for no reason,you are a sad sad individual.

  • DrunkenMinaj

    I love this Remix. They all kilt this.

  • wonderLand19

    Missy owned this, Simple.

    Wayne was the weakest. Simple.

  • Stephanie

    Missy, killed this sht!!! This what I call HIP HOP!! FYI: u can’t compare Nicki and Missy…Nicki is POP Missy is HIP HOP… ya’ll gonna check out @3dnatee she have the web buzzin and she out Timbaland camp..

    • DrunkenMinaj

      @Stephanie, What does Nicki have to do with anything ? No she isn’t Pop but she has nothing to do with this post, you can give Missy props without shading Nicki.

      • Stephanie

        @DrunkenMinaj, People put Nicki in the status… Nicki is Pop music.. U can ask Baby and anybody on that label.. I kno folks from YMCMB..She is POP music

        • Will R.

          @Stephanie, That doesn’t have anything to with it though. What was your purpose of bringing up Nicki in the first place was what @DrunkenMinaj was trying to say? Regardless of what genre Nicki is in, she’s didn’t have anything to do with this song.

      • Will R.

        @DrunkenMinaj, People do that all of the time. Nicki’s name stay in their mouths when she has nothing to do with anything. I could understand if Missy dissed Nicki in this song, however she didn’t. People will jump on any bandwagon just to knock her down and this is coming from a big Missy and Nicki fan.

        • RDK

          @Will R., Co-Sign.

  • TheTroll

    Missy absolutely bodied this song.

    • YAS!!!!!!

      @TheTroll, YAS!!!!!

  • Dmoney9106

    Wayne straight devoured this track !!

  • Ms.TeamKimBlanco

    Damn Missyyyy! You going hard! Can’t wait for your return so you slay these bum no talent pop bitches wanna be rappers but forgot how to rap, and yeah thats shade to your fave! The video for this is gonna be crazy tho, Wayne and Busta killed it too!

    • Nia Loves Ya

      @Ms.TeamKimBlanco, yeah they all went hard on this even tho wayne could’ve went in more cause these beats are mad for his raps

  • ughh

    people commenting “trying” to take shots at nicki what does she have to do with missy shit like wtf dont be mad cause kim didnt bring it like you thought she would and if you wanna talk slaying and all that check the charts and see whose slaying so many singles up there lookin like the king of diamonds strip club floor
    now missy yay welcome back nice to see your in good health and doing your thing

  • YAS!!!!!!


  • minaj&kim

    Missy is going HAM! Love this track and yeah can’t wait to see a video for this.

  • Ray ray

    I love Nicki & Missy both. I’m glad she’s comin back :) they need to do a collab that would be a chart topper big time.

  • B-Rad

    Forget everybody else on this Remix…. MIIIISSSSSYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Kept us Waiting TOO LONG!!!! LOL

  • Kelvin

    LOVED IT!!!!! The whole song I needed that. Shit been slow this weak. Missy killed, slayed, murdered, destroyed or whatever. Been waitin on her. Now let Eve drop a hard verse like this or better and ima be totally be satisfied. Missy, Eve, Nicki are gon destroy the future of rap. Together they can take down some of these men. Lol. I have gave up on Kim so this makes me feel better.

    • TheTroll

      @Kelvin, Agreed.


    Thats just a lil taste of whats too come my girl is back an she will SLAY this Crows like she said an change the game once again.An the video will be EPIC

  • KeepItReal


  • Anon

    MISSY IS BACK Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPIT HARDER THAN ANYONE ELSE ON THIS YOOOOOOO

  • Aaron

    Omg yesssss!

  • Ice

    Sick remix, Missy’s back! I’ve been waiting years for her, the game misses Missy.

  • GiftedSince92

    YESSSSSSSS MISSSY “MISDEMEANOR” FUCKIN ELLIOTT. She fucking tore that shit up!!! Can’t wait for her new shit. And you fucking morons dissing Nicki to justify your bitterness towards her. #HAVE A SEAT. All the female rappers are coming back hard this year. Missy #killed THAT SHIT!!! =)

  • kidcareless

    missy versy kinda scared me i aint gonna lie

    • kidcareless

      @kidcareless, *verse

  • K

    Missy is tough!

  • K

    They slayed this shit! all of em. Missy really stood out though I miss her killing shit.

  • Awaken

    Missy whew FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!! im ready for the takeover

  • nicegirl

    Missy was the best on this, Wayne was unneeded.

  • saio

    just like “look at me now” wayne is wack here
    missy kill this shit

  • Hugh


  • georgia23

    Yeeeeeeeeah Miss!!! I would just DIE if Kim, Nicki and Missy did a track, but I know Missy wouldn’t get in that whole Kim/Nicki mess… :-(

  • joey

    im a huge nicki and kim fan. so im not throwing any shade. but missy bodied every full SONG nicki and kim released this year in one VERSE.

    hope nicki, kim, and missy can deliver classic stuff this year

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  • Spida

    Missy shits on Nicki…

  • RDK

    missy did her thing,i see these kim fans are trying to start sh-t trying to turn missy fans against nicki,they are a sad set thats what they do on ever other artist post they are like a f-cking virus trying to infect everything,they even go as far as to pose as a nicki fans to bash missy,so miss fans thinks it,s a real nicki fan and go in on nicki for no reason sigh,anyways welcome back missy keep doing you.

  • An0thrDream

    Missy Elliot is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    CANNOT wait for her next single!!! For a Video! For the Album!

  • Katie

    After seeing Missy on one of the greatest women in music, I knew I missed her & she deff needed to come back!
    This song makes me sooooo happy!
    Sick remix

  • Marie

    Missy SLAYED this shit!!! I’ve been waiting on her comeback for years!!!

  • Joan

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  • Work it!!

    “Is that yo chick” is on the track
    thank god this bitch is back
    slaying chickens a chop to the back
    original means original respect
    take these Nicki’s back to the stack
    of the who is this and bitch thats whack
    aint no qualms just statin facts
    Missy, Dr.Suess’s Crack!

    One love Missy!!!!