T-Pain Channels Heath Ledger on New Mixtape


The King of Auto-Tune is looking to be taken more seriously these days. T-Pain is readying the release of his new mixtape The Heath Ledger Project, which will consist of material that he’s recorded while on the road.

“Well, you know how he died. He kind of went crazy because he was so into being the Joker,” Pain tells Rap-Up.com of the late actor. “After they finished shooting [The Dark Knight], he couldn’t stop being the Joker. I think he went so crazy trying to master his craft that he died for what he loved doing. He died mastering his craft.”

Worried that his fans will anticipate dark music, the “5 O’Clock” singer assures that the mixtape will be more akin to his familiar, jovial style. “It’s going to be called The Heath Ledger Project because that’s how much I love music,” he explains. “That’s how much passion I have for music. I want to master my craft like [Ledger] tried to do before he died.”

While he’s tweaking his alter ego, he’s lined up the next single off his 2011 album rEVOLVEr, “Turn All the Lights On” featuring Ne-Yo. T-Pain is not looking to cast video vixens for the visuals. “I like normal women. They have the most fun at video shoots,” shares Pain. “When models come in they got all that attitude and don’t dance for real. And they get tired after two takes.”

T-Pain is also planning some serious action for the plot-driven video. “Everything that everybody’s doing with effects, we’re going to do it for real,” he says. “The computer can do a lot, but I’m shooting to do real stuff that’s going to be more amazing than effects.”

–Rajul Punjabi

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  1. Ice

    Heath Ledger’s the guy from Brokeback Mountain right? I wonder what T-Pain will be incorporating into his music, lol.


  2. Will

    Ummm ok…….NEXT!


  3. killa

    New mixtape? Didnt this dude just release an album? Guess it flopped horribly his label should push it more since 5′ O Clock was a big single


  4. Ann

    What crap!! What T-pain said about Heath Ledger going “crazy because he was so into being the Joker” that he “couldn’t stop being the Joker” and died for his craft–this is all just cheap, sensational crap to sell his own music. People like Terry Gilliam, who actually knew Heath Ledger well and spent a lot of time with him prior to his death while he was filming his next movie say that Heath was not at all consumed or depressed by playing the Joker character. It was “utter fun” for Heath according to Gilliam. Heath was very distressed by his break-up with Michelle and their custody issues, which had a lot more to do with his unhappiness off the set than a role he really enjoyed.


    Valerie Reply:

    @Ann, Thank you for pointing that out! I was thinking the exact same thing! What does T-Pain even know about Heath anyways?! His death was due to personal issues, not from a freaking Batman movie. Sheesh. I find this ordeal somewhat insulting to Heath’s memory.


    mike Reply:

    @Ann, this isnt just a t-pain thing tho. there are stupid people all over the place that really believe this. it’s stupidity IMO. so i wouldnt say its a ploy to sell his music – it’s the title of a FREE mixtape. the only thing i criticize pain here for is being one of the idiots that belive the stupid made up explanation. if you do actually believe it, the title is actually pretty creative and cool IMO.


    Ann Reply:

    @mike, the mixtape may be free, but so is all the publicity T-pain gets from using Heath Ledger’s name on a project. That is crass enough, but then passing off sensational crap about the cause of Heath’s passing as if it were true is worse.


  5. drchick

    Hmmm yea. He’s pretty ballsy to say something like this.


  6. N2deep

    heath died from prescription drug over-dose


  7. nicegirl

    He’s stupid for saying this.


  8. batdude

    The Joker wasn’t even Heath’s last role!!!
    Wow.. Do some research T..


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  10. Sick of Assumptions

    Many many people who worked with him and knew him intimately have stated in interviews that he did not go insane from playing the joker and it had nothing to do with his overdose. Thanks for spreading false information, T-Pain. Heath experienced more pain from the break-up with Michelle and not seeing his daughter over the holidays than anything he felt playing a stupid role.


  11. rain

    This ‘artist’ is an idiot. Heath did NOT GO CRAZY! Shame on this guy for helping spread the stupid TABLOID GOSSIP BASED LIE!
    Heath had health issues,and some of his health issues were private because its none of our business. Just because the world does NOT have all the facts, that does NOT make it right to fill in the blanks with garbage. Heath made a mistake with LOW DOSAGES OF HIS LEGAL MEDS. lET HIM rip! Heath was a good person, kind and honest and he does NOT deserve this crap. I miss him, he was a friend.


  12. wow

    Calm down, everyone. T-Pain just obviously didn’t bother to do his research on the actual reasons for Heath’s passing…through I can’t say I’m surprised. I feel sad for these celebrities who, through no fault of their own, are torn into by the media after an untimely death. Just let them RIP and remember the good they contributed.


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