Video: Teedra Moses f/ Wale – ‘Another LuvR’

Teedra Moses

Maybach Music’s Teedra Moses links up with her labelmate Wale in the video for “Another LuvR.” With a glass of wine in hand, the R&B songstress sits in her hotel room, singing about finding another man, while a dapper Wale delivers his rhymes bedside. “Boy, whenever I call for you, you never answer/ Reached out my arms for you, you never reach back,” she sings.

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  1. RandBLover

    She is underrated


    Qu3L Reply:

    @RandBLover, I agree. I was wondering what happend to her.



    AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! My Girl Teedra is back, damn I love her… and she is underrated I swear! Unknown queen right there! ;D


    BK Reply:

    @YESSIR, YES !!!!!!!


  3. Songstress

    THE MOST UNDERRATED FEMALE ARTIST EVERRRR !!!!! This woman is EVERYTHING & so under rated it’s disappointing! I swear I hope Rick Ross puts her out the way she deserves to be…it’s LONG overdue!



    GREAT!!! Love her! True talent!


  5. Fa

    concidering she was a stylist for years and did Gwen Stephanie, she looks really bad in this video.
    But I have all Mix tapes , the first album, love the hype williams video for BE YOUR GIRL and will support her no matter what!
    She is the future of R&B!


  6. P-Harmonic

    She previewed this video at her SOBs show in NYC about a week ago. Glad to see Rap-Up showing her some love.


  7. nicegirl

    Video has been removed!!??


  8. kiki

    i love teedra. that is all.


  9. LOL LOL

    She’s great!!! Underrated


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